Lawriter - OAC - 311-1-08.1 Uniform blouse.

311-1-08.1 Uniform blouse.

(A) The sheriff may authorize the wear of a uniform blouse with the long-sleeve Class B uniform shirt

(1) For general duty, as a substitute for the jackets approved in rule 311-1-08 of the Administrative Code, and

(2) For dress occasions on which a dress-type uniform would be appropriate.

(B) The uniform blouse shall conform to the following specifications:

(1) Fabric: Sage grey in color, made of

(a) A blend of fifty-five per cent polyester forty-five per cent worsted wool, weighing fourteen and one-half ounces per lineal yard, in a gabardine weave with washable finish, to conform to raeford mills #538-768 or an equivalent fabric, or

(b) One hundred per cent texturized polyester gabardine, to conform to Klopman Mills #5009 or an equivalent fabric.

(2) Style: The blouse shall be a four button, single breasted, straight front blouse with peaked lapels. It shall be form-fitting to the waist, with sufficient flare over the hips to avoid wrinkling by the Sam Browne belt. The length shall be approximately one inch above the crotch seam of the trousers. It shall have a center back vent of approximately ten inches, with an underlap of at least three inches to prevent gapping. Shoulder bellows shall be located at both sides of the back from shoulder to waist and be tacked at the top and the bottom.

(3) Sleeve finishing: Blouse sleeves shall be finished without a vent, with a british arm slash. The slash shall be made of black gabardine material otherwise identical to the blouse fabric. It shall be six inches long, two and one-half inches wide at the points and two inches wide at the hollow. It shall be located one and one half inches from the front crease of the elbow and three-fourths of an inch from the wrist edge. Vest-sized buttons, conforming to the requirements of paragraph (B)(8) of this rule, shall be placed in a row one inch from the front of the slash. The buttons shall be spaced in two-inch intervals beginning one inch from the top of the sash.

(4) Shoulder straps: The shoulder straps shall be made from black gabardine otherwise identical to the blouse fabric. Each shoulder strap shall be sewn in the sleeve seam, stitched two inches from the seam, and cross-stitched. Each shoulder strap shall be two and one-fourth inches wide at the sleeve seam and one and three-fourths inches wide at the buttonhole. The strap shall extend at least one inch under the collar and the button shall be located one-fourth inch from the collar.

(5) Pockets: The blouse shall have two outside breast patch pockets, two lower bellow pockets, and at least one inside breast pocket. All pockets shall be lined with black polyester twill.

(a) The breast pockets shall be approximately six and one half inches deep and five and one fourth inches wide. They shall be cut square at the bottom and have a one and one-half inch box pleat in the center. They shall have three-pointed outside flaps of black gabardine otherwise identical to the blouse fabric. The flaps shall be two and one-half inches deep at the points and two and one-eighth inches deep at the sides of the flap.

(b) The lower bellows pockets shall be nine and one-half inches wide at the bottom and eight inches wide at the openings. They shall have square outside flaps two and seven-eighths inches deep, made from the blouse fabric.

(6) Construction: The blouse shall be lined throughout with black poly-T one hundred per cent nylon or an equivalent fabric. Either 112 canvas or fusible material will be used to provide body and fullness to the chest area. The blouse shall have 112 canvas shoulder pads and cloth sweat shields.

(7) Belt hooks: The blouse may be equipped with gilt colored belt hooks to support the Sam Browne belt. The belt hooks shall be located inside the forward vertical seams, under the arms at the waistline.

(8) Buttons: Outer buttons shall be flat, gilt-plated, and bear a reproduction of the great seal of the state of Ohio. The stitching of each button shall be reinforced with a small button on the inside of the blouse.

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