Lawriter - OAC - 311-1-15 Shoulder sleeve emblem.

311-1-15 Shoulder sleeve emblem.

(A) The shoulder sleeve emblem shall be worn on all uniform shirts and long-sleeved outerwear, except the raincoat and, at the option of the sheriff, the commando sweater. The emblem shall be sewn on each sleeve approximately one and one-half inches below the shoulder seam.

(B) The shoulder sleeve emblem shall be a cloth patch conforming to the following specifications:

(1) Design: The logo of the buckeye state sheriffs' association (BSSA), consisting of an outline of the state of Ohio, the Ohio flag, and a badge, shall be embroidered in the center of the patch. The words "SHERIFF" and "OHIO" shall frame the coat of arms of the state of Ohio in the center of the badge. One of the following designations, as appropriate, shall be embroidered along the top edge of the patch, arching over the BSSA logo: SHERIFF, DEPUTY SHERIFF, COMMUNICATIONS, CORRECTIONS, or COURT SECURITY.

(2) Material: The patch shall be made of 7.5 ounce washable twill, in a blend of sixty per cent polyester, thirty-five per cent cotton, and five per cent wool, with buckram added to maintain stiffness and shape. The material shall be black, vat dyed, colorfast, and approved by the international fabricare institute.

(3) Thread: Rayon, one hundred fifty denier, two ply continuous filament regenerated cellulose fiber, vat dyed, and approved by the international fabricare institute.

(3) Merrow: Three hundred denier, four ply rayon merrowing thread, Madiera gold #1024 or equal color, overlock stitched border edge.

(4) Lettering: The letters of the designation along the top edge of the patch shall be nine-sixteenths inch high. The stitching in the letters of the designation "SHERIFF" shall be one-eighth inch wide.

(5) Patch size: The patch shall four and three-fourth inches high measured from the center top to the bottom point, and four and one-fourth inches wide measured across the center.

(6) Stitch count: In excess of three thousand six hundred eighty-eight stitches with .001 inch backing of meltable polyvinyl.

(7) Colors: The background twill shall be black. The colored threads shall be Madiera gold #1024, red #1181, blue #1166, brown #1145, light blue #1133, yellow #1171, and green #1051, or equal colors. White threads shall be Madiera rose #800 or equal color.

(8) Manufacturing method: The emblem shall be embroidered on multi-head Barudan or Tajima equipment. Schiffli loom embroidery is not acceptable.

(9) Any supplier wishing to produce shoulder sleeve emblems for the uniform must submit samples to verify compliance with these specifications.

(C) The shoulder sleeve emblem worn on the tactical uniform may be made in subdued colors consistent with the color of the tactical uniform.

(D) At the option of the sheriff, a rocker may be added to the top of the emblem designating a specific assignment, unit, or similar distinction within the sheriff's office.

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