3301 Department of Education - Administration and Director

Chapter 3301-1 Public Notice of Hearings

Chapter 3301-2 Personal Information Systems

Chapter 3301-3 Data Acquisition Sites

Chapter 3301-4 Notice of Meetings

Chapter 3301-5 Emergency Management Plan

Chapter 3301-6 School Business Manager

Chapter 3301-7 Standards for the Ethical Use of Tests

Chapter 3301-8 Payment of Debt Service Charges

Chapter 3301-9 Block Parent Programs

Chapter 3301-10 School Enrollment for Domestic Violence Victims

Chapter 3301-11 Educational Choice Scholarship Program

Chapter 3301-12 State Superintendent Spending Orders

Chapter 3301-13 Proficiency Tests

Chapter 3301-14 Education Management Information System

Chapter 3301-15 Identification of Excellent and Deficient Schools

Chapter 3301-16 High School Graduation

Chapter 3301-17 Reports for Statewide Education Management Information System

Chapter 3301-18 Calculating Student Attendance Rate

Chapter 3301-19 School District Expenditure Flow Reports

Chapter 3301-20 Standards for Employment of Individuals With Criminal Convictions

Chapter 3301-21 Colleges and Universities Preparing Teachers

Chapter 3301-22 Continuing Education Units

Chapter 3301-23 Certification

Chapter 3301-24 Licensing and Education Programs

Chapter 3301-25 Educational Aide Permits

Chapter 3301-26 Examination and Certification

Chapter 3301-27 Pupil-Activity Program

Chapter 3301-28 Local Report Card

Chapter 3301-29 Community School EMIS Reporting

Chapter 3301-30 Department of Youth Services Educational Program Standards

Chapter 3301-32 School Child Program

Chapter 3301-33 Phonics

Chapter 3301-34 Excuses from Compulsory Attendance for Home Education

Chapter 3301-35 Standards for Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade

Chapter 3301-36 Bilingual Multicultural Instruction

Chapter 3301-37 Child Day-Care Programs

Chapter 3301-38 Educational Regional Service System

Chapter 3301-39 Approval of Nonpublic Schools

Chapter 3301-40 Rules on Nonpublic Schools Administrative Cost Reimbursement

Chapter 3301-41 Certificate of High School Equivalence

Chapter 3301-42 Adult Public Secondary Education Programs

Chapter 3301-43 Adult High School Continuation Programs

Chapter 3301-44 Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

Chapter 3301-45 Adult High School Diplomas

Chapter 3301-46 Exemption from Statutes to Implement Innovative Education Pilot Programs

Chapter 3301-47 Education Program for Parents of Truant Students

Chapter 3301-48 Open Enrollment Programs

Chapter 3301-49 Competency Guarantees

Chapter 3301-50 Performance Standards for Proficiency Tests

Chapter 3301-51 Education of Students with Special Needs

Chapter 3301-52 Screening and Assessment Information

Chapter 3301-53 Special Education Programs for the Mentally Retarded

Chapter 3301-54 Payment for Contracted Special Education Units

Chapter 3301-55 Special Education Programs for State Institutions

Chapter 3301-56 Intervention Standards for Districts Declared To Be under Academic Watch or in Academic Emergency Status

Chapter 3301-57 Child Abuse Detection Training

Chapter 3301-58 Value-Added Progress Dimension

Chapter 3301-61 Vocational Education

Chapter 3301-68 Distribution of Funds for Career Education Programs

Chapter 3301-69 Miscellaneous Programs

Chapter 3301-71 Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid

Chapter 3301-73 Professional Conduct Educator Rules

Chapter 3301-80 Venereal Disease Education

Chapter 3301-81 Driver Education

Chapter 3301-83 Pupil Transportation

Chapter 3301-85 Purchase of School Buses

Chapter 3301-89 Transfers of Territory

Chapter 3301-90 Guide to Districts for Emergency Repairs to School Facilities

Chapter 3301-91 Standards for School Lunch and Breakfast Programs

Chapter 3301-92 Distribution of State Aid

Chapter 3301-98 Background Checks for OhioReads Program

Chapter 3301-100 Grant Award Standards for Disability Access Projects

Chapter 3301-101 Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program

Chapter 3301-102 Community Schools

Chapter 3301-103 Autism Scholarship Program

Chapter 3301-104 Expenditures for Pupil Instruction for Internet- or Computer-Based Community Schools

Chapter 3301-105 Educational Service Centers

Chapter 3301-106 Community Learning Center Elections