Lawriter - OAC - 3301-101-10 Payment of scholarship amounts.

3301-101-10 Payment of scholarship amounts.

(A) Payment of scholarship amounts shall be made by warrant of the auditor of state made payable in the name of both the eligible applicant and the provider in which the student is enrolled. Warrants shall be mailed to the address provided by the provider.

(B) The maximum amount awarded to an eligible student shall be as follows:

(1) For a category one student, seven thousand one hundred ninety-six dollars;

(2) For a category two student, seven thousand six hundred eight dollars;

(3) For a category three student, fourteen thousand eight hundred thirty-two dollars;

(4) For a category four student, seventeen thousand nine hundred two dollars;

(5) For a category five student, twenty thousand dollars; and

(6) For a category six student, twenty thousand dollars.

(C) The actual amount of each scholarship shall be the lesser of the applicable net fees or tuition charged by the provider, or the maximum amount prescribed in paragraph (B) of this rule. The net fees or tuition shall be the fees or tuition amount specified by the provider minus all other financial aid, discounts and adjustments received for the student. In cases where discounts are offered for multiple students from the same family, and not all students in the same family are scholarship recipients, the scholarship amount shall be the lowest tuition to which the family is entitled.

(D) The scholarship amount shall be proportionately reduced in the case of any scholarship recipient who is not enrolled in the scholarship program and/or attending, participating and receiving special education and related services from an alternative public provider or a registered private provider for the entire school year.

(E) In the case where a child transfers during the course of the school year to another registered provider or participating alternative provider with a different tuition, the department shall prorate the amounts paid to each school based on the period of attendance at each school.

(F) In cases in which an overpayment is made on behalf of a participating student, the department shall inform the provider of the amount of the overpayment, and the provider shall refund the amount to the department. In the event that payment has been made for services that were not provided to a child by that provider, that portion of the scholarship paid to that provider shall be revoked and the amounts paid considered an overpayment.

(G) In cases in which a student withdraws or is expelled from a provider, or when a student's eligibility to continue to receive a scholarship is terminated pursuant to paragraph (A) of rule 3301-101-08 of the Administrative Code, payment of the scholarship amount shall be prorated based on the number of days the student was enrolled with the provider or the services actually provided. Funded enrollment would end as of the last day of the student's attendance, or the effective date of the student's termination, whichever is earlier.

Effective: 02/24/2012
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 02/24/2017
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3301.07, 3310.64
Rule Amplifies: 3310.51 to 3310.63