3301-11-11 Participation by chartered nonpublic schools.

(A) Each year, the department shall publish a list of chartered nonpublic schools that have indicated their willingness to participate in the educational choice scholarship program. Schools appearing on the list shall be those that, by signature of the principal or other governing authority, have made the following representations:

(1) That the school holds a valid charter issued by the state board of education under section 3301.16 of the Revised Code, and that the school is currently in compliance with state operating standards that apply to chartered nonpublic schools as specified in Chapter 3301-35 of the Administrative Code;

(2) That the school shall annually communicate to the department the tuition structure for the school including all discounts and other tuition adjustments offered or available;

(3) That the school shall not charge students enrolled at the school and provided with scholarships under this program who are at or below two hundred percent of poverty the difference between the scholarship amount and the school's tuition;

(4) That the school shall maintain a policy that specifies volunteer service opportunities and the equivalencies of such opportunities in terms of school tuition such that the family of students enrolled in the school with family income above two hundred percent of poverty, and awarded scholarships under this program will have the option to provide volunteer services in lieu of cash payments to cover some or all of the difference between the scholarship amount and the amount of the school's tuition;

(5) That the school shall administer tests to students receiving scholarships and enrolled in grade levels for which tests are regularly administered pursuant to sections 3301.0710 and 3301.0712 of the Revised Code, and that the results of such test shall be reported to the department pursuant to procedures established by the department;

(6) That the school shall make its facilities and the records pertinent to the effective implementation of this chapter available at any time during regular business hours for announced or unannounced visits by department personnel responsible for ensuring compliance with this chapter, or by persons under contract with the department to perform compliance reviews;

(7) That the school has in place sufficient student attendance recordkeeping procedures, including processes for documentation of excused absences;

(8) That the school has in place systems to ensure the confidential nature of student records;

(9) That the school shall promptly refund to the state any amounts overpaid on behalf of a student due to ineligibility, disenrollment, expulsion, data error, or for any other reason;

(10) That the school shall abide by its admission policy fairly and without discrimination with regard to students applying for or having been awarded scholarships pursuant to this chapter;

(11) That the school shall disenroll any scholarship student as soon as a determination is made that the student will no longer attend the school. Disenrollment shall be recorded as the last date that the student attended classes;

(12) That the school shall allow the department to monitor compliance with the provisions of this rule and of other laws and rules as they apply to chartered nonpublic schools and shall provide at the request of the department such information and copies of records as may be necessary to ensure such compliance, including:

(a) Information and records related to school staff and volunteers including but not limited to license or certificate numbers, and background check results;

(b) Information and records related to school policies and procedures including but not limited to the parent or student handbook, admissions policies, and withdrawal and transfer policies; and

(c) Information and records related to building, vehicle and operational safety including but not limited to fire inspection reports, food service licenses and vehicle inspection reports.

(B) Any chartered nonpublic school that does not fulfill its obligations under Chapter 3301-11 of the Administrative Code may be disallowed from participation in the program for a period of time to be specified by the department, or until such time as the school can provide assurances satisfactory to the department that it shall fulfill its obligations.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/05/2010 and 11/05/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3301.07, 3310.01
Rule Amplifies: 3310.01 to 3310.17
Prior Effective Dates: 2/24/2006, 5/26/2007