3301-21-05 Requirements of a two year college to be approved to prepare individuals for associate licensure.

(A) Organization.

(1) A two-year college desiring to prepare individuals for associate licensure shall provide evidence of meeting the requirements in paragraph (A) (1) of this rule:

(a) Ohio board of regents' authorization to grant the two-year associate degree; and

(b) Records indicating that the governing body, administration, and faculty:

(i) Support the program(s) commensurate with defined purposes and objectives; and

(ii) Assign the primary responsibility for the program(s) to a clearly defined and organized administrative and instructional unit.

(2) A two-year college offering educator preparation for associate licensure shall establish written agreements with schools or centers for the purpose of providing field-based experiences to candidates for associate licensure.

(3) A two-year college shall utilize one or more advisory committees, which include pre-kindergarten to twelve educators and other appropriate stakeholders for the purpose of advising on the design, approval, and continuous evaluation and development of the associate licensure program. The advisory committees shall meet at least once a year, shall report recommendations to the college, and shall be kept informed on the status of the program.

(4) Recruitment, admission, and retention of individuals desiring associate licensure shall be conducted pursuant to criteria and procedures adopted by the governing body of the college. The criteria and procedures shall be free of cultural bias, shall include provisions for determining whether the individual is of good moral character pursuant to rule 3301-24-01 of the Administrative Code, shall relate to the acquisition of the body of knowledge, skills, and dispositions determined essential for effective performance under the associate license, and shall include the following provisions:

(a) The two-year college shall assess each individual as a condition for admission to the program. Assessment criteria and procedures shall include:

(i) Measures of oral and written communications and mathematics skills;

(ii) Measures of academic aptitude and achievement; and

(iii) Determination of appropriate dispositions for the licensure area.

(b) Decisions regarding the retention of each candidate shall be made on the basis of continuous evaluation of progress during participation in course work and field-based experiences.

(c) Due process procedures shall be specified and available to any individual affected by institutional criteria, policies, and procedures.

(5) Prior to the recommendation of an individual for licensure, the two -year college shall ensure the successful completion of an examination prescribed by the state board of education.

(6) The requirements established by the two-year college pursuant to paragraph (A) of this rule shall be set forth in writing and disseminated as appropriate or upon request to interested parties.

(B) Curriculum.

(1) The body of knowledge, skills, and dispositions for associate licensure shall be available on the department's website for educator preparation at education.ohio.gov.

(2) The curriculum shall be outlined in a program of study that includes coursework and field-based experiences. Candidates in an associate licensure program shall complete a minimum of three hundred hours of field-based and practicum experiences that provide for observation and practice.

(a) In addition to field-based experiences, candidates in an associate licensure program shall complete a supervised practicum experience during which candidates have responsibility for students, and have opportunities to demonstrate knowledge of the content, skills, and dispositions appropriate to their program.

(b) Candidates in an associate licensure program shall participate in field-based experiences and/or in supervised practicum experiences in diverse settings, which include opportunities to work with children with exceptionalities.

(C) Instruction.

(1) Instruction shall provide candidates with models that contribute to effective practice.

(2) Instruction shall ensure that candidates will be able to communicate effectively with children and families.

(3) Field-based experiences shall be supervised and evaluated by education faculty.

(4) Instructors shall provide candidates with methods and resources for integrating technology into their classroom practice.

(D) Faculty.

(1) The associate licensure program shall be administered by a unit administrator designated by the dean at an institution approved to offer an associate licensure program.

(a) The unit administrator shall be responsible for recommending licensure of those candidates who have satisfactorily met the requirements prescribed by the state board of education and the laws of Ohio consisting of the following:

(i) Holds a minimum of an associate degree;

(ii) Successfully completes an approved associate licensure program;

(iii) Successfully completes the state board of education prescribed examination; and

(iv) Is deemed to be of good moral character and demonstrates and communicates ethical professional behavior.

(b) The unit administrator shall be the official representative of the two-year college in communicating with the Ohio department of education.

(2) Each associate education faculty member who is assigned on a full-time or part-time basis shall have the academic preparation appropriate to each teaching assignment. Each faculty member who supervises candidates shall evidence three years of satisfactory experience in the appropriate licensure area, or equivalent experience.

(3) Each associate education faculty member shall participate in continuing professional development as appropriate to his/her field.

(4) The associate education faculty load shall be consistent with the established purposes and objectives of the program and shall be equivalent to that of other faculty who have instructional and supervisory responsibilities.

(E) Student services.

(1) The two-year college shall provide comprehensive student services including, but not limited to, expectations for coursework, academic resources, placement services, academic advising, and intervention services.

(2) Student services shall be conducted pursuant to published policies and procedures, according to published times, and by individuals who are qualified by appropriate preparation and experience.

(F) Facilities.

(1) Facilities, instructional materials, equipment, and other resources shall provide for the following:

(a) The safety, security, and health of candidates and faculty; and

(b) The security and integrity of candidate records.

(2) The library/media center shall support instruction and services pertinent to specific associate licensure programs.

(a) The library collection, procedures, and equipment shall reflect practices that include current use of instructional technology.

(b) The library/media center shall maintain hours of accessibility that support candidate learning.

(c) The library/media center shall serve as a laboratory of material and educational media to support appropriate student learning in each field.

(3) The library/media center shall provide materials that shall be catalogued according to professionally recognized standards, including the following:

(a) A wide array of curriculum materials commonly used in the specific associate licensure program areas;

(b) A variety of curriculum and instructional media such as textbooks, reading books, and manipulatives;

(c) A variety of materials used in the assessment of teaching and learning; and

(d) Work space for candidate use for the preparation of multimedia instructional materials.

(G) Financial support.

(1) The two-year college provides adequate financial support of the associate program(s) to accomplish the purposes and procedures and to meet the standards established by the state board of education.

(2) The two-year college provides adequate budget for supervision of field experiences and practicum/student teaching experiences.

(H) Evaluation.

(1) The two-year college, in collaboration with the Ohio department of education shall evaluate the associate licensure program(s) at least once every seven years. A well-defined plan of evaluation shall be implemented and shall include the following:

(a) A plan for the collection and analysis of data, and a recommendation for continuous study, development, and improvement of associate licensure program(s) that shall be based on the analysis of that data;

(b) Written policies and procedures to guide the operation of the associate licensure programs, including faculty and student (candidate) handbooks; and

(c) A unit administrator designated as head of the unit and assigned the authority and responsibility for its overall coordination.

(2) Each associate licensure program(s) shall be evaluated at least once every seven years by the Ohio department of education pursuant to rule 3301-21-07 of the Administrative Code.

Replaces: 3301-21-05

Effective: 04/25/2009
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 04/25/2014
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3301.07 , 3319.22 , 3319.23
Rule Amplifies: 3301.51 , 3319.23
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/87