Lawriter - OAC - 3301-3-06 Responsibilities of an information technology center and a user entity.

3301-3-06 Responsibilities of an information technology center and a user entity.

(A) An information technology center shall:

(1) Promote a cooperative and integrated system of information technology for its user entities as well as among other information technology centers;

(2) Promote and administer the efficient and cost-effective implementation of information technology that supports information technology strategies of the department and all user entities;

(3) Coordinate innovative uses of information technology that support the goals of the department, information technology center, and all user entities;

(4) Provide for electronic networking capabilities between and among user entities and the information technology center, support connectivity to the department or its designee, and maintain a system of electronic contact information as specified by the department; and

(5) Ensure that all data acquired on behalf of user entities are held in trust for those entities. Any transfer or release of any user entity's data shall require prior authorization from that specific entity. Upon receipt of district authorization, an information technology center will transfer or return district data without delay or impediment.

(6) Offer core services to all user entities and provide districts with the opportunity to obtain services on an individual-service basis and not inhibit districts from obtaining services from one or more information technology centers of their choosing.

(7) Post on its website a list of all the services that it provides and the corresponding cost for each of those services.

(B) A user entity shall:

(1) Utilize requested core services provided through the OECN and its component information technology centers;

(2) Participate in the governance and financial support of the information technology center that serves the user entity and remain financially current;

(3) Adhere to the governance documents of the information technology center;

(4) Procure and utilize a data communications link to communicate electronically with department personnel via compatible equipment;

(5) Provide required data to the appropriate information technology center in an electronic format as defined by the department. Large district user entities may, at the discretion of the department, report required data directly to the department.

(6) Build the capacity of its staff through professional development that allows the user entity to meet specific obligations to the information technology center pursuant to the contractual agreement between the information technology center and the user entity.

Effective: 7/27/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 05/07/2015 and 05/15/2020
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3301.07, 3301.075
Rule Amplifies: 3301.075
Prior Effective Dates: 4-1-72; 5-1-79; 6-19-87; 7-1-95; 9/23/05; 5-22-2010