Lawriter - OAC - 3301-32-02 Staff.

3301-32-02 Staff.

(A) Staff members of school child programs shall be recruited, employed, assigned, evaluated, and provided in-service education in accordance with adopted school district, county board of DD, or eligible nonpublic school board policies and without discrimination on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, sex, or disability.

(B) School child program staff members shall not have pleaded guilty or have been convicted of any offense mentioned in section 3301.541 of the Revised Code and shall have a criminal background check completed by the appropriate state or federal agency.

(C) All staff, volunteers, and responsible individuals shall sign a non-guilty/non-conviction statement on an annual basis.

(D) Staff members of school child programs shall be examined by a licensed physician, physician's assistant, clinical nurse specialist, or certified nurse not more than twelve months prior to employment and up to thirty days after employment. An employee medical statement shall be kept on file and updated according to program policies.

(E) Community partners will provide the school child care administrator with documentation that confirms every reasonable assurance is taken to safeguard enrolled children in alignment with this rule and will provide documentation to support assurance upon request of the school child care administrator.

(F) Staff members of school child programs shall perform functions in accordance with the following classifications:

(1) Program coordinator is a staff member with responsibilities as follows:

(a) Overall program design, implementation and evaluation;

(b) Compliance with school-age child care rules;

(c) Long-range planning;

(d) Fiscal management;

(e) Personnel recruitment, management, and evaluation;

(f) Maintenance of program records;

(g) Coordinating parent participation; and

(h) Reporting to the superintendent or other administrative designee.

(2) Program team leader is a staff member with responsibilities as follows:

(a) Planning program activities;

(b) Designing the program environment;

(c) Communicating with parents;

(d) Directing the work of other staff members; and

(e) Supervising children.

(3) Program assistant is a staff member with responsibilities as follows:

(a) Assisting the program team leader in planning the program and environment; and

(b) Working independently with children.

(G) All staff members shall meet the following minimum requirements at the time they are employed:

(1) A program coordinator shall, at a minimum, meet the requirements of a program team leader as specified in paragraphs (G)(2)(a) to (G)(2)(c) of this rule.

(2) A program team leader shall:

(a) Be at least twenty-one years of age;

(b) Have a high school diploma or equivalent;

(c) Have a minimum of two thousand hours of documented related experience, or ninety quarter or sixty semester hours of successfully completed coursework at an accredited college or university; and

(3) A program assistant shall:

(a) Be at least eighteen years of age,

(b) Hold a high school diploma or equivalent, and

(c) Have five hundred hours of related experience.

(4) Volunteers who meet the following criteria may be used as staff members:

(a) Satisfy the requirements of a criminal records check as established in section 3301.541 of the Revised Code;

(b) Possess a medical statement from an approved provider;

(c) Provide a signed non-guilty/non-conviction statement; and

(d) Complete required orientation training.

(H) If fully qualified staff members are not available to fill all of the positions, persons who meet the qualifications for the position, except for related experience hours, may be employed and the hours scheduled in the school child program may be used in calculating the related experience requirement. Within two years from date of employment, the staff member hired under the conditions detailed in this paragraph shall complete the experience requirement.

(I) All staff members as well as volunteers and responsible individuals used as staff members shall receive orientation training which addresses program policies and procedures as specified in rule 3301-32-10 of the Administrative Code prior to or within seven calendar days of the first scheduled date of attendance on job, except that the discipline policy and procedures shall be reviewed as specified in paragraphs (B) and (C) of rule 3301-32-09 of the Administrative Code.

(J) Each staff member shall have on file evidence of annually completing in-service .

(1) Any staff member who does not possess an associate degree or higher shall complete at least fifteen hours of in-service training per year until a total of forty-five hours is reached. Any staff member who has met the forty-five hour requirement shall thereafter complete at least five hours of in-service per year.

(2) Any staff member who possesses an associate degree or higher shall complete at least five hours of in-service per year.

(K) In-service training hours may be accumulated through post secondary coursework, seminars, workshops, conferences, structured observation of other programs, topic specific staff meetings, and orientation training required in paragraph (I) of this rule. Electronic media resource trainings, and self-study may be used for the child-care staff member's in-service training.

(L) In-service training topics may include, but not be limited to, first-aid certification, CPR, child abuse recognition and prevention, management of communicable disease, behavior management, school child curriculum, space and environment designs, working with families, children with special needs, child growth and development, and administration of a school child program.

(M) Documentation of completed in-service training as required shall include date, place, topic, program coordinator's and presenter's signatures, or in the case of self-study, the title, author/producer, and annotated bibliography of the self-study course in lieu of the presenter's signature.

(N) In-service training on first aid, CPR, child abuse recognition and prevention, and management of communicable disease shall be updated according to the length of time required by the approved organization.

(O) In-service training hours accumulated through post secondary coursework, seminars, workshops, and conferences on topics other than first-aid, child abuse, and management of communicable disease, shall be provided by an approved trainer who shall have at least two years of experience specific to the subject area and possesses one of the following:

(1) An associate or higher degree in child development, education, home economics, nursing, nutrition, psychology, dental hygiene, social work, or other related fields. Evidence of an associate or higher degree shall be a copy of a diploma, a transcript, or other written evidence of completion of at least ninety quarter credit hours or sixty semester credit hours from an accredited college, university, or technical college; or

(2) A currently valid child development associate credential issued by the council for professional recognition (

(P) Resource persons who do not meet the trainer qualifications prescribed in paragraph (O) of this rule may be utilized to provide training when the resource person is accompanied or supervised by a person who meets the requirements of paragraph (O) of this rule.

Effective: 6/22/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 04/02/2015 and 06/22/2020
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3301.07, 3301.53, 3301.58
Rule Amplifies: 3301.52 to 3301.59
Prior Effective Dates: 1-27-92; 12-30-04, 1/22/10