Lawriter - OAC - 3301-34-05 Remediation.

3301-34-05 Remediation.

(A) If the annual academic assessment indicates that the child is not demonstrating reasonable proficiency, the superintendent shall notify the parent(s) in writing that an appropriate plan of remediation shall be submitted by the parent(s) to the superintendent within thirty days after receipt of such notification.

(B) During remediation the parent(s) shall submit a quarterly report to the superintendent which includes:

(1) A written narrative evaluating the child's progress, including an explanation if the child has made less than satisfactory progress in any subject; and

(2) An explanation if less than the intended curriculum planned for the quarter was covered.

(C) Remediation may be eliminated at any time during the year upon determination by the superintendent that the child is demonstrating reasonable proficiency. At the time of such determination, the superintendent shall notify the parent(s) in writing that remediation is no longer needed.

(D) If the child does not demonstrate reasonable progress during remediation, the superintendent may, subsequent to a due process hearing, under paragraph (D) of rule 3301-34-03 of the Administrative Code, if requested by the parent, revoke the child's excuse from attendance and notify the parent(s) in writing to enroll the child within thirty calendar days in a school that is in compliance with Chapter 3301-35 of the Administrative Code. The superintendent shall also notify the parent(s) in writing that the parent(s) has the right to appeal the superintendent's decision to the juvenile judge of the county, within ten calendar days, in accordance with section 3331.08 of the Revised Code.

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Prior Effective Dates: 8/1/89