3301-35-05 Faculty and staff focus.

(A) Credentialed and classified staff shall be recruited, employed, assigned, evaluated and provided professional development without discrimination on the basis of age, color, ancestry, national origin, race, gender, religion, disability ,or veteran status.

(1) Each credentialed staff member shall hold the appropriate credentials for his/her assigned position in accordance with section 3301.071 or Chapter 3319. of the Revised Code and rules adopted by the state board of education for teacher preparation and licensure. Copies of credentials appropriate to staff assignments shall be on file in the school district's administrative office.

(2) As part of the employment process, a school district or school shall conduct criminal records checks on applicants pursuant to sections 3319.39 and 3319.391 of the Revised Code and rules 3301-20-01 and 3301-20-03 of the Administrative Code.

(3) The ratio of teachers to students school district-wideshall be at least one full-time equivalent classroom teacher for each twenty-five students in the regular student population as defined in section 3317.023 of the Revised Code. School districts receiving funds under section 3317.029 of the Revised Code must comply with the teacher-student ratios and other requirements of that statute.

The ratio of teachers to students in kindergarten through fourth grade on a school district-wide basis shall be at least one full-time equivalent classroom teacher per twenty-five students in the regular student population. Said ratio shall be calculated in accordance with sections 3317.02 and 3317.023 of the Revised Code.

(4) A minimum of five full-time equivalent educational service personnel shall be employed district-widefor each one thousand students in the regular student population as defined in section 3317.023 of the Revised Code. Educational service personnel shall be assigned to at least five of the eight following areas: counselor, library media specialist, school nurse, visiting teacher, social worker and elementary art, music and physical education. Educational service personnel assigned to elementary art, music and physical education shall hold the special teaching certificate or multi-age license in the subject to which they are assigned. School districts receiving the school nurse wellness coordinator factor and school district health professional factor funds pursuant to section 3306.06 of the Revised Code shall give preference to hiring licensed school nurses.

(5) Every school shall be provided the services of a principal, and every school with fifteen or more full-time equivalent classroom teachers shall be assigned the services of a full-time principal. No principal shall be assigned to more than two schools.

(6) Credentialed staff shall be evaluated in accordance with law applicable to their positions, including, but not limited to, sections 3319.01 , 3319.02 , 3319.11 and 3319.111 of the Revised Code. Evaluation systems should align with state models and the Ohio educator standards (education.ohio.gov).

(7) Classified staff shall be evaluated at regular intervals. Evaluation results shall be discussed with the classified staff in evaluation conferences.

(8) Data shall be used to determine the amount and nature of faculty and staff professional development necessary to implement the school district's vision, mission, and strategic plan. Professional development planning may include the identification of observable and measurable staff learning outcomes, the individual or group needs of faculty and staff to develop or improve the knowledge and skills necessary to address personalized and individualized student learning needs, a focus on closing the gap between student performance and the expectations for student performance, and identification of the resources necessary to support the professional learning outcomes, follow-up and evaluation. Professional development for all faculty and staff shall continually be monitored,evaluated, and improved to align with school district goals and objectives and to meet the changing needs of students. Professional development for credentialed staff shall be provided pursuant to sections 3319.22 and 3319.222 of the Revised Code and rules 3301-24-06 to 3301-24-08 and Chapter 3301-25 of the Administrative Code.

(9) Teachers shall be provided sufficient time for designing their work, evaluating student progress, conferencing, and team planning. Time shall be established for teachers to pursue collaborative planning for the development of lesson plans, professional development, and shared learning. The schedule of full-time equivalent classroom teachers assigned to a school with a teacher day of six hours or longer, excluding the lunch period, shall include two hundred minutes per week for these purposes.

(B) The school district or school shall maintain an environment that supports personal and organizational performance excellence by allowing credentialed and classified staff the opportunity to develop and use their full potential to achieve school district and school objectives.

(1) The organizational design of the school district or school shall promote communication, cooperation, and the sharing of knowledge and skills across work functions, units and locations.

All staff shall know and demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to the school district and school vision, mission, philosophy, goals, objectives, strategic and continuous improvement plans, and performance expectations and results.

(3) The school district or school shall continually evaluate its work environment and improve it to support school district, school and student goals.

(4) All licensed educators and other school district staff shall engage in professional development that aligns with the Ohio educator standards (education.ohio.gov).

(4) Faculty and staff shall strive to create and maintain an environment of encouragement, trust and mutual commitment to school district and school goals.

(5) Faculty and staff shall work within a healthy, safe environment and help maintain and improve a healthy, safe environment conducive to student learning and performance excellence.

R.C. 119.032 review dates: 11/04/2010 and 11/04/2015
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3301.07
Rule Amplifies: 3301.07 , 3306.06 , 3317.02 , 3317.023 , 3317.029
Prior Effective Dates: 7/1/68, 7/1/70, 4/30/77, 9/1/83, 12/31/00, 2/24/2006, 3/22/2008, 7/23/2010