3301-35-10 Procedures for beginning a new school and for changing location or ownership of a school.

(A) A new school may be established and operated for a specified period in accordance with sections 3301.16 and 3313.48 of the Revised Code and the following procedures, provided the school has at least three grade levels or fifteen students.

(1) The superintendent shall contact the Ohio department of education about beginning a school and shall attend the "beginning a chartered nonpublic school" workshop conducted by the department of education.

(2) The Ohio department of education shall provide copies of these operating standards and procedures for beginning a school.

(3) The superintendent shall submit to the Ohio department of education a plan for meeting operating standards. The plan shall include:

(a) Objectives related to operating standards; and

(b) A timeline for meeting operating standards. Nonpublic schools shall also comply with rules 3301-39-01 to 3301-39-03 of the Administrative Code, entitled approval of nonpublic schools.

(4) A new school may operate under a letter of approval issued by the Ohio department of education subsequent to an on-site evaluation and approval of an operations plan. A new school may be approved to operate for a period not to exceed four years.

(5) The state superintendent of public instruction may recommend that the state board of education grant a charter when an on-site evaluation indicates that a school is meeting operating standards.

(B) A change in location or ownership of any school shall comply with section 3313.48 of the Revised Code and be reported to the Ohio department of education. A change in location or ownership shall render a charter null and void.

Replaces: 3301-35-10

Effective: 4/24/2015
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 04/24/2020
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3301.07
Rule Amplifies: 3301.07 , 3301.07(D)(2), 3301.16, 3313.48, 3317.024, 3317.06, 3327.01
Prior Effective Dates: 6/24/99, 2/24/2006