Lawriter - OAC - 3301-37-01 Definitions.

3301-37-01 Definitions.

(A) "Adult" means a person who is at least eighteen years of age.

(B) "Alignment" means the coherence and correlation of the curriculum and assessments to standards.

(C) "Adult education program" means the adult education program receives funds under the department of education's state plan for implementing the "Workforce Investment Act of 1998" (August 1998).

(D) "Class" means a group of children enrolled in the preschool program .

(E) "County board of DD" means a county board of developmental disabilities.

(F) "Crib" means a full sized crib or porta crib that meets federal standards (June 2011, and is appropriate to the size of the child.

(G) "Curriculum" means an organized framework that describes those components of developmentally appropriate practice necessary to support optimum development and learning including the following:

(1) Classroom environment;

(2) Concepts and skills in all content areas and developmental domains;

(3) Learning experiences;

(4) Instructional strategies to help children achieve their goals; and

(5) Assessment processes to inform instruction to monitor progress.

(H) "Department" means the Ohio department of education.

(I) "Developmentally appropriate" means curriculum, instruction, environments, and age-appropriate activities that reflect the cognitive, social, and emotional level of the learner and also includes the unique abilities or characteristics of a learner or group of learners including learners with disabilities, unique ethnic and/or cultural characteristics, and unique life experiences.

(J) "Director" means the head teacher, elementary principal or site administrator who is the individual on-site and is responsible for supervision of a preschool program, and may be used to meet child-to-staff ratio.

(K) "Early learning program standards " means the department's framework for preschool programs to address outcomes and goals considered essential for children's learning and health development, which are available at

(L) "Eligible nonpublic school" means a nonpublic school chartered as described in division (B)(8) of section 5104.02 of the Revised Code or chartered by the state board of education for any combination of grades one through twelve regardless of whether kindergarten is offered.

(M) "Facility" means a building that is owned or leased and operated by the school district, educational service center, joint vocational school, county board of DD, or eligible nonpublic school and has been approved by a municipal, township, or county or state building department for the purpose of operating a program for preschool children.

(N) "First aid training" means a course provided by an approved health organization as determined by the department.

(O) "Governing body" means a board of education for a school district, an education service center or county board of DD; or the group of persons who have similar authority over a nonpublic school program.

(P) "Group size" means the number of children assigned to a head teacher in a classroom.

(Q) "Hand washing facility" means a permanent-type fixture with running water (i.e. sink service) which conforms to the requirements of the "Ohio plumbing code" as established in division 4101:3 of the Administrative Code.

(R) "Head teacher" means a person hired to guide and instruct a class of preschool children enrolled in the program and who may supervise the preschool program.

(S) "Infant" means a child who is less than eighteen months of age.

(T) "IEP" means an individualized educational program.

(U) "Nonambulatory child" means any child who is unable to leave a building unassisted under emergency conditions; unable to walk forward or backward unassisted; unable to go up or down steps without help; and/or dependent upon mechanical aids such as crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.

(V) "Non-teaching employee" means a preschool employee whose primary responsibilities are duties other than care, teaching, and supervision of preschool children.

(W) "Parent, guardian, or custodian" means a person or government agency that is or will be responsible for a child's school attendance under section 3321.01 of the Revised Code.

(X) "Policies" mean principles governing the operation of the preschool program. policies shall be established and adopted by the program's governing body.

(Y) "Preschool child" means a child who has not entered kindergarten and is not of compulsory school age as defined in section 3321.01 of the Revised Code.

(Z) "Preschool child with a disability" means a child who is at least three years of age but not of compulsory school-age as prescribed by Chapter 3301-51 of the Administrative Code and who qualifies for preschool special education and has an active IEP.

(AA) "Preschool program" means either of the following:

(1) A program for preschool children that is operated by a school district board of education, educational service center, joint vocational school,an eligible nonpublic school; or

(2) A program for preschool children age three or older that is operated by a county board of DD.

(BB) "Preschool staff member" means a preschool employee whose primary responsibility is care, teaching, or supervision of preschool children and who is used to meet child-to-staff ratio requirements.

(CC) "Procedures" means an administrative course of action specified in writing.

(DD) "Public school" means a school operated by a board of education of a city, county, exempted village, local, joint vocational school district, a county board of DD, or an educational service center governing body.

(EE) "School-age child" means a child who is kindergarten or age six and of compulsory school age according to the entry date determined by the school district in section 3321.01 of the Revised Code.

(FF) "Teacher" means a person hired to instruct a class of preschool children enrolled in the program.

(GG) "Toddler" means a child who is at least eighteen months of age but less than three years of age.

(HH) "Volunteer" means an adult not counted in the child-staff ratio except those designated in paragraph (U) of rule 3301-37-04 of the Administrative Code.

Effective: 07/03/2014
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