3301-37-09 School food services.

(A) The program shall be in compliance with sections 3313.81 and 3313.813 of the Revised Code.

(B) The program shall provide meals and snacks in accordance with all of the following:

(1) Meals and snacks shall be of quantity and quality to supplement food served at home so that the daily nutritional needs of the child are met in accordance with required daily allowance as prescribed by the U.S. department of agriculture meal patterns (www.usda.gov).

(2) A food source of vitamin C shall be served daily and a food source of vitamin A shall be served three times per week either with the meal required by this rule.

(3) Fluid milk shall be vitamin D fortified. low-fat, skim, or dry powdered skim milk shall be vitamin A and vitamin D fortified. reconstituted dry powdered milk shall be used only for cooking and shall not be used as a beverage.

(4) Lunch shall be served to a preschool child who is in attendance entirely through the hours of eleven a.m. and one-thirty p.m., inclusively.

(5) The snack shall be served during the longest period between meals for children attending four hours or longer.

(6) A choice from two of the groups listed below must be served for snack:

(a) Meat/meat-equivalent group;

(b) Bread/bread-alternatives group;

(c) Milk group; or

(d) Fruit/vegetable group.

(7) Parents providing snacks shall be provided information on nutritious snack choices.

(C) Current menus for the entire week shall be posted in a conspicuous place and shall reflect all meals and snacks to be served by the program. any substitute foods served shall be from the same basic food group and shall be recorded on the posted menu on the day the substitute food is served.

(D) Programs shall provide food and/or formula for infants in accordance with all of the following:

(1) Infant food and/or formula provided by the parent shall be labeled with the child's name, date of preparation, and immediately refrigerated, except for unopened commercially prepared canned food or formula.

(2) Breast milk or formula provided by the parent shall be labeled with the child's name, the date of receipt, and immediately refrigerated. Breast milk or formula shall not be stored for more than twenty-four hours. The unused portion of formula, breast milk, or food remaining in the container from which the infant has been directly fed shall not be reheated or served a second time.

(3) Infant food and formula shall be prepared, stored, and served in a manner appropriate to the equipment use and the needs of each individual child according to his stage of development and in conformity with written instruction from the parent or physician in charge of the child.

(4) Formula shall not be heated in a microwave oven.

(5) Food heated in a microwave oven shall be stirred or shaken during heating to avoid uneven heating.

(6) Infants shall be held for all bottle feedings.

(7) Programs that care for infants shall provide commercially prepared formula to be used in the event that the parent does not provide a quantity of formula sufficient to meet the infant's daily requirement.

Effective: 06/25/2009
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 04/09/2009 and 06/25/2014
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Rule Amplifies: 3301.52 - 3301.59
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