3301-61-01 Statutory requirements.

All school districts shall comply with the Revised Code of the state of Ohio in matters relating to, but not limited to, operation and control of the school. Significant statutes concerning career-technical programs are the following:

(A) Section 3313.90 of the Revised Code, career-technical education programs.

(B) Section 3313.91 of the Revised Code, purchase of vocational education from a private source.

(C) Section 3313.911 of the Revised Code, the state board may assign a district to a joint vocational district; petition against assignment; referendum.

(D) Section 3313.92 of the Revised Code, joint school building projects including school for handicapped children.

(E) Section 3317.014 of the Revised Code, weighted fund multiples.

(F) Section 3317.022 of the Revised Code, weighted cost calculations.

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Statutory Authority: 3301.07, 3313.90
Rule Amplifies: 3313.90
Prior Effective Dates: 1-30-75; 4-1-89; 5-28-04