3301-61-05 Criteria for career-based intervention programs.

Career-based intervention (CBI) programs shall follow established program guidelines, maintain a course of study that is current and based on valid content standards (education.ohio.gov), and have advisory committees authorized by local boards of education.

(A) CBI is designed for students ages twelve through twenty-one in grades seven through twelve identified as disadvantaged (either academically, economically, or both) and have barriers to achieving academic and career success. CBI consists of classroom instruction, academic intervention and instruction, and work-based learning experiences. Models of instruction include middle grade single-period, middle grade multiple-period, high school single-period or high school multiple-period, and are detailed in the program guidelines (education.ohio.gov).

(B) All programs shall be approved by the Ohio department of education. Applications for new programs shall be subject to renewal at five-year intervals. Programs approved before July 1, 2009, shall be renewed according to a published schedule (education.ohio.gov) with a minimum of a two-year prior notice. Applications shall be signed by the career technical planning district (CTPD) superintendent or by a person designated by the CTPD. Applicants shall be held accountable for assuring that the state criteria referenced in this rule are addressed. Failure to comply with paragraphs (A) to (C) of this rule may result in non-renewal of an application.

(C) All districts receiving state weighted funds for CBI shall report performance data. Data on a common set of indicators of performance shall be used by the state department of education for the purposes of program improvement and continued program funding. Definitions for baseline data and performance target processes shall be established based on the first three years of data collected following the effective date of this rule. To provide a foundation for measuring and improving operational and educational performance, each district shall annually report the following key performance indicators of program operations and student performance:

(1) Transition rate to the next grade level of students in grades seven through eleven participating in any CBI model;

(2) Graduation rate of grade twelve students participating in any high school CBI model;

(3) Attendance rate of students in the year of participation in any CBI model;

(4) Discipline rate of students in the year of participation in any CBI model;

(5) Rate of students participating in any CBI model who drop out of school;

(6) Transition rate to a high school career-technical education CTE workforce development program;

(7) Passage rate on state required academic assessments in the year of participation in any CBI model.

Replaces: Part of 3301-61-18

Effective: 05/23/2009
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 05/23/2014
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3301.07 , 3313.90
Rule Amplifies: 3313.90
Prior Effective Dates: 5-28-04