3307:1 Defined Benefit

Chapter 3307:1-1 Definitions

Chapter 3307:1-2 Service Credit

Chapter 3307:1-3 Restoration and Purchased Credit

Chapter 3307:1-4 Determination of Final Average Salary

Chapter 3307:1-5 Selection and Reselection of Plan of Payment

Chapter 3307:1-6 Temporary Supplementary Benefit Fund

Chapter 3307:1-7 Disability Benefits

Chapter 3307:1-8 Survivor Benefits

Chapter 3307:1-9 Additional Death Benefits

Chapter 3307:1-10 Cost of Living

Chapter 3307:1-11 Health Care Services

Chapter 3307:1-12 Distributions

Chapter 3307:1-13 Re-employment Restrictions

Chapter 3307:1-14 Intersystem Transfers with Non-uniform Systems