3307-2-01 Nomination and election of members of the state teachers retirement board.

(A) The state teachers retirement system shall forward notices for the nomination of candidates for " contributing member" and/or "retired teacher member" of the retirement board to all school superintendents, university presidents and other employers for publication, and furnish notice to "retired teacher members" through appropriate means. Such notice shall be issued no later than the first of December preceding the election.

(B) Nomination of candidates shall be made as set forth in section 3307.07 of the Revised Code and shall be on petition forms prepared and distributed by the state teachers retirement system. Petition forms shall clearly state the term of office. Petitions filed on forms other than those indicated herein will not be accepted.

(C) Nominating petitions must be filed with the state teachers retirement system on or before the last Friday in February. Petitions must be received by four-thirty p.m., in the " state teachers retirement system, 275 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215," on that date.

(D) At the board's directive the executive director may contract with an independent firm to administer the elections.

(E) Except where the only nominated candidate takes office pursuant to section 3307.071 of the Revised Code, the state teachers retirement system shall list the names of all properly qualified candidates on a ballot, arranging for the orderly rotation of names on the ballot. On or before the fifth of April, ballots and return envelopes shall be sent to all eligible members and retirants of the state teachers retirement system at the eligible member's or retirant's last known address.

(F) Voting shall be permitted by paper, telephone and/or internet ballots.

(G) All ballots must be received in the state teachers retirement system or independent contractor office not later than four-thirty p.m., on the first Monday in May.

(H) The state teachers retirement system shall deliver the ballot results to a board of tellers, appointed by the teachers retirement board. The tellers shall meet on the first Saturday after the first Monday in May to certify the results of the election.

Effective: 06/02/2013
R.C. 119.032 review dates: 03/18/2013 and 05/23/2018
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 3307.04, 3307.075
Rule Amplifies: 3307.06, 3307.07 , 3307.071, 3307.075
Prior Effective Dates: 12/23/76, 11/28/77, 12/26/81, 7/1/01 (Emer), 9/17/01, 7/18/03, 12/2/04