Lawriter - OAC - 3309-1-45 Release of names, addresses and information.

3309-1-45 Release of names, addresses and information.

Names, addresses and other information contained in records maintained by the school employees retirement system shall be released to members of the public in accordance with this rule.

(A) Except as otherwise provided in section 3309.22 of the Revised Code, no part of an individual's personal history record shall be released to a third party except upon the written authorization of the person to whom the record pertains.

In addition to the information set forth in division (A)(1) of section 3309.22 of the Revised Code, personal history record includes, but is not limited to, any record identifying:

(1) The amount of benefit or allowance paid or payable to any person,

(2) The service history or service credit of a member or retiree, or

(3) The dependents or beneficiaries of a member or retiree.

(B) Medical reports and recommendations shall be released only under the following circumstances:

(1) Upon written request from the person to whom the report or recommendation pertains, to that person;

(2) Upon written authorization from the person to whom the report or recommendation pertains or the person's agent, to the physician, attorney or authorized agent of that person;

(3) To the board assigned physician.

(C) Except as otherwise provided by law, all other system information not described in paragraph (A) or (B) of this rule shall be made available for inspection and copies provided upon request and payment of any applicable costs for copying and mailing. The person requesting a copy may choose to obtain the copy on paper, in the same medium in which the record is kept, or in any other medium in which the system determines that it can reasonably duplicate the record as an integral part of normal operations. A list of names and addresses of members, former members, retirants, contributors, former contributors, or beneficiaries shall be made available upon written request and payment of the cost of compiling, copying and mailing the list.

Effective: 4/6/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 01/20/2017 and 02/01/2022
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3309.04, 149.43
Rule Amplifies: 3309.22, 149.43
Prior Effective Dates: 2/16/89, 2/11/00, 5/3/02, 12/10/09, 1/7/13