3318:1 Ohio Schools Facilities Commission

Chapter 3318:1-1 Organization and Procedures.

Chapter 3318:1-2 Accessing Confidential Personal Information.

Chapter 3318:1-3 Calculation of Basic Project Cost-Project Budget.

Chapter 3318:1-4 Classroom Facilities Assistance Program.

Chapter 3318:1-5 Exceptional Increases in Enrollment.

Chapter 3318:1-6 Vocational Facilities Assistance Expedited Local Partnership Program.

Chapter 3318:1-7 Community Schools Classroom Facilities Loan Program.

Chapter 3318:1-8 College-preparatory Boarding School Facilities Program.

Chapter 3318:1-9 Standards for Solar Ready Roofs and Equipment in School Buildings.

Chapter 3318:1-10 Installment Payment Contracts.