Chapter 3318:1-4 Classroom Facilities Assistance Program

3318:1-4-01 Prioritizing school facility funding for cooperative agreements.

(A) School districts that voluntarily propose full interdistrict consolidation may be eligible to receive priority funding under the classroom facilities assistance program if school districts have formed a new district under the provisions of Revised Code Chapter 3311.37.

(B) The new school district must provide a written explanation to the Ohio school facilities commission as to the benefits the consolidation will produce in the efficient use of facility space between the districts. One efficiency that must be demonstrated is the reduction in the number of buildings needed to house students and administrative staff.

(C) If the Ohio school facilities commission determines that the consolidation may improve the efficiency of the use of facility space between the two districts, the new district shall advance to the top of the ohio school facility commission's list of classroom facilities projects to be funded in a given year and may be eligible to participate in the classroom facilities assistance program. A master plan shall be developed for the new district and the project cost will be determined per Revised Code Chapter 3318.

(D) If funding is currently not available, the district will receive funding from the next round of appropriations by the general assembly.

(E) Except for receiving expedited funding as provided in this rule, all school districts receiving funding under this rule shall be responsible for complying with all other requirements set forth in Revised Code Chapter 3318.

(1) State and local shares will be based on the current formula by using the lower of the two districts equity ranking.

(2) The funding source will be from the classroom facilities assistance program.

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Rule Amplifies: 3318.32
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