3333-1-12 Rules of compliance for the development of family practice departments and guidelines for distribution.

(A) Authority

This Rule is adopted under authority conferred upon the Ohio Board of Regents by Amended House Bill 474 of the 110th General Assembly, requiring all medical schools which receive state assistance to establish and maintain departments of family practice.

(B) Institutional Requirements

(1) Each school or college of medicine shall have a Department of Family Medicine (as defined in Section 3333.11 of the Revised Code) which will be administratively equal to the other major departments (i.e. Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, etc.).

(2) Each Department shall create and maintain a curriculum for medical student education in Family Practice.

(3) Each Department shall create and maintain a clinical Family Practice residency utilizing the guidelines for family practice by the American Board of Family Practice.

(4) Each Department shall have a qualified, experienced practitioner as the Chairman, who will direct the education and patient care programs for both medical students and family practice residents. The Chairman should have previously demonstrated involvement in family practice either as an active family practitioner, or by actively teaching family medicine to medical students or family medicine residents, or by actively supporting the development of educational programs in family medicine. The Chairman should be either Board eligible or Board certified in family practice according to the guidelines of the American Board of Family Practice.

In the development of new Departments of Family Practice, a medical school may elect to appoint an Acting Chairman to initiate program development while a search committee is actively seeking a new Chairman. Any questions concerning the interpretation of "a qualified, experienced practitioner" should be directed to the office of the Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs, Ohio Board of Regents.

(5) The Chairman of the Department of Family Practice may utilize both university and community facilities for the academic programs in family medicine.

(C) Procedures for Release of Funds

(1) Each college or school of medicine which has met the guidelines established by the Board of Regents for Amended House Bill 474 will be considered eligible for financial support.

(2) Each department shall submit a budget for approval of the Ohio Board of Regents. No budget may exceed $250,000 for the period in which the appropriation is in force. Medical schools created by the 110th General Assembly shall not exceed $100,000 support during this period.

(3) The Board of Regents will receive budgets for approval and requests for release of funds after November 1, 1974.

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Promulgated Under: 111.15

Statutory Authority: Am. Sub. H.B. 474 of the 110th General Assembly

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Prior Effective Dates: 11/2/74