Lawriter - OAC - 3333-1-61.4 Award and agreements.

3333-1-61.4 Award and agreements.

(A) Awards

(1) A grant will be awarded by the chancellor and approved by the controlling board based on the proposal as amended with the inclusion of a revised budget or other amended conditions set forth by the panel or the chancellor. The grant will remain open for the duration of the project plus a three-year reporting period when annual reports are required. Funding at the requested levels will be contingent upon performance against the stated goals.

(2) Limitations on awards

(a) The minimum award amount to be granted by the chancellor will be one hundred thousand dollars.

(b) The maximum award amount to be granted by the chancellor will be ten million dollars.

(B) Agreements

(1) The university or college with an award approved by the controlling board shall enter into an agreement with the chancellor of the Ohio board of regents. The term of agreement under an award from this program will be from two to five years with three additional years of required reporting. The project period should be at least two years but may be as long as five years, during which the funding by the state must be expended. During the remaining years of the grant period, or at least for three additional years, the grantee will be required to submit an annual report detailing the overall status of the project.

(2) All agreements shall comply with the following regulatory requirements:

(a) As appropriate for student assessment purposes, the grantee organization's human subject policies and procedures must be compliant with the Code of Federal Regulations Title 45, Part 46

(b) The grant agreement shall require the grantee to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws in the performance of the project.

(3) The grant agreement shall require the grantee to ensure that all student scholarships are within the allowable amount, as required by law.

(4) Grantees will be required to submit regular reports as specified in the grant agreement. At a minimum, semi-annual performance reports, periodic success stories attributable to the state-funded program, and annual reports for the final three years of the grant period. The lead applicant will be responsible for submitting reports to the chancellor's staff utilizing the specified mechanism.

(5) Each newly funded choose Ohio first scholarship program institution will be required to implement a continuous assessment plan that evaluates the program at its campus. Grantees are expected to complete the project as described in the proposal as funded and as amended. The chancellor's staff will assign a project administrator who will work with the grantee throughout the duration of the project. The chancellor's staff and grantees will develop a series of performance metrics that will be used to measure progress on the grant. Grantees will be required to collect appropriately disaggregated baseline data, to measure progress through the collection and analysis of standardized data elements, and to submit required progress reports that record the achievements of the plan within the context of the original goals.

In addition to other items deemed appropriate by the reporting institution, the choose Ohio first scholarship program progress reports should include the following elements:

(a) Documentation that the proposed objectives are being met along with a description of the continuous assessment processes used to verify the stated outcomes.

(b) Demonstration of the significant achievements of the program in terms of the student success outcomes.

(c) Documentation of how and the manner in which the expertise developed within the program is being, or will be, shared with other institutions in Ohio through professional interactions or consortia agreements.

(6) Any university or college that violates the terms of its grant agreement may be required to repay the award plus interest at the rate specified in section 5703.47 of the Revised Code.

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