3335 Ohio State University

Chapter 3335-1 In General

Chapter 3335-3 Duties of University Leadership

Chapter 3335-5 Faculty Members In General

Chapter 3335-6 Tenure-Track Faculty

Chapter 3335-7 Proposals and Approval of Transfers From the Tenure Faculty Track

Chapter 3335-8 Adoption and Procedure of Courses and Curricula

Chapter 3335-9 Requirements for Admission

Chapter 3335-11 Discipline of Students

Chapter 3335-13 University In General

Chapter 3335-15 Board of Trustees Authorization to Repeal Rules

Chapter 3335-17 Administration Faculty and Student Members

Chapter 3335-19 Senate In General

Chapter 3335-21 Traffic and Parking

Chapter 3335-22 Electronic Signatures

Chapter 3335-23 Code of Student Conduct

Chapter 3335-43 Medical Staff Members

Chapter 3335-49 Procedure for Classified Civil Service and Opting Out of Provisions

Chapter 3335-51 Review of Positions and Classifications

Chapter 3335-55 Classified Civil Service Classification

Chapter 3335-57 Requirements for Classified Civil Service Positions

Chapter 3335-59 Examinations for Classifications

Chapter 3335-65 Employment Status

Chapter 3335-67 Probationary Period

Chapter 3335-73 Leaves from Duty of Classified Civil Service Employee

Chapter 3335-75 Procedure for Performance Review

Chapter 3335-79 Sick Leave

Chapter 3335-81 Layoff or Displacement

Chapter 3335-83 Compensation and Ranges

Chapter 3335-89 Definitions

Chapter 3335-93 University Wexner Medical Center

Chapter 3335-95 University Wexner Medical Center Board Officers

Chapter 3335-97 Committees of the University Wexner Medical Center

Chapter 3335-99 [Rescinded]

Chapter 3335-101 Medical Staff

Chapter 3335-103 [Rescinded]

Chapter 3335-104 [Rescinded]

Chapter 3335-105 Aircraft and Vehicles

Chapter 3335-107 Dental Faculty Practice

Chapter 3335-111 CHRI In General