Lawriter - OAC - 3335-19-07 Proposals for senate action.

3335-19-07 Proposals for senate action.

(A) Proposals for senate action shall be classified as either routine or substantive, and treated accordingly.

(B) Routine proposals are those that do not establish or alter university policies, such as approval of the minutes or acceptance of reports or appointment of committee personnel, and include the call of a special meeting. Such proposals may be introduced and acted upon in any meeting, subject only to the test of germaneness.

(C) Substantive proposals are those that establish or alter an academic program of study, or rules or bylaws within the senate's purview. Substantive proposals shall be:

(1) Submitted to the university senate office in the complete and exact form intended for senate debate and adoption, and shall be processed by the steering committee following rule 3335-19-03 of the Administrative Code, except that proposals for presentation at a special meeting need not be submitted to the steering committee. If a substantive proposal is referred to a committee by the steering committee or by the senate, and any subsequent suggested changes are not acceptable to the originators of the proposal, then the steering committee shall place the original proposal and the suggested changes in the same agenda.

(2) Sent to all members and alternate members of the senate as part of the agenda at least seven days prior to the meeting.

(3) Moved and seconded by members of the senate and then opened for floor debate. The proposal may then be amended, referred to committee in whole or in part, tabled, postponed, divided, and/or adopted or rejected.

(a) Amendments offered in floor debate are classified as minor or substantive. A substantive amendment alters the sense or strength of the original proposal. Determination of the status of an amendment is made by ruling of the chair or by vote of the senate. Classification may be made at the time a motion to amend has been made and seconded or after the senate has voted affirmatively in favor of the motion to amend.

(b) If a motion from the floor is passed and is declared to be substantive, it cannot become effective until the next meeting of the senate. At that time it must be reconsidered, unless the committee which submitted the original proposal has requested a continuation from the steering committee. In case of a continuation, the steering committee shall, as soon as practicable, place the amendment on the agenda for reconsideration. The committee which submitted the original proposal shall be afforded the opportunity to present arguments against the amendment or to move substitute language for the amendment at the time of reconsideration. If substitute language is approved by the senate, the amendment as modified will become effective at that time. If substitute language is defeated or is not presented, the senate shall vote on reaffirmation of the amendment in the form originally passed except for possible changes of a purely editorial nature. The amendment may be reaffirmed and become effective at that time or it may be defeated. (This paragraph may be set aside by a successful motion to suspend the bylaws of the senate as prescribed in paragraph (C) of rule 3335-19-13 of the Administrative Code.)

(D) Substitute statements or suggested amendments which are included in an original proposal and distributed in an agenda shall each be acted upon as a substantive proposal.

(E) Substitute statements or suggested amendments proposed by any senate or university committee or by any member of the senate, shall be received by the steering committee and shall be scheduled in the same agenda as the original proposal.

(F) Prior to a senate vote a proposal that establishes or alters rules or bylaws within the senate's purview shall be reviewed by the rules committee, which may recommend changes in accordance with paragraph (B)(4) of rule 3335-5-47.3 of the Administrative Code.

Replaces: 3335-19-07

Effective: 7/30/2010
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3335
Rule Amplifies: 3335.08
Prior Effective Dates: 03/13/1978, 02/06/1983, 01/15/1987, 05/03/1987, 07/30/2001, 07/30/2010