Lawriter - OAC - 3335-21-06 Registration of motor vehicles.

3335-21-06 Registration of motor vehicles.

(A) Parking; registration and permit required. No faculty member, staff member, employee or student shall at any time park a motor vehicle on any street, roadway, property or grounds of the university without first registering such motor vehicle with the parking operator and obtaining a permit and displaying such permit on the registered vehicle, unless such vehicle is parked in a pay parking facility or a parking area not controlled by the parking operator. Visitors may not park a motor vehicle on any street, roadway, property or grounds of the university except at parking meters, in pay facilities or by first obtaining a permit and paying the prescribed fee. Contractors vendors and other agents shall follow the same registration procedures as faculty, staff and students.

(B) Application forms; fees. Registration of motor vehicles, as required in this chapter, shall be made using application for parking permit forms prescribed by the parking operator. Such application forms shall be accompanied by fees established in accordance with the concession agreement.

(C) Giving false information. No person shall give false information when registering a motor vehicle or applying for a permit as provided in this chapter. If such information is given by any person, the registration may be held to be invalid and the permit or decal issued may be revoked and such person giving such false information may be denied registration for a period of one calendar year .

(D) Permits generally. Parking permits shall be issued to applicants in accordance with the criteria and the fee paid for such issuance as established by the parking operator and the concession agreement. Registration is not considered complete until the valid permit or decal is appropriately displayed on the vehicle according to instructions on the back of the permit or decal or as otherwise published by the parking operator.

(E) Disability permits. Disability permits, allowing the holders thereof to park in areas other than those for which they already hold permits or in which they are already qualified to park under the rules of the parking operator, may be issued to students, faculty or staff. A university disability permit shall be issued to any individual who already has a valid state disability permit; the university permit will expire when the state permit expires. All vehicles parked in reserved disability spaces shall display the license number corresponding to the license number on the sign.

(1) Special parking locations and privileges for the handicapped shall be provided and designated by the university. Such locations shall be reasonably close to exits, entrances, elevators and garages.

(2) No person who is not handicapped or operating a motor vehicle to transport a handicapped person shall stop, stand or park any motor vehicle at special parking locations provided for the handicapped under this paragraph.

(F) Display of permits; transfer of vehicles. Permits, decals, or cards for the current period, are issued to a specific individual or department, and shall be displayed in a motor vehicle and used in accordance with the rules the parking operator.

(1) Permits - The parking operator shall be notified if new license plates are obtained.

(2) Decals - If a motor vehicle for which a permit has been issued is transferred, or windshield replaced, the decal shall be removed from the vehicle and the remnants presented to the parking operator for issuance of a new decal. If no such remnants are presented for replacement decals the applicant must show proof that the decal is unobtainable, and an affidavit shall be signed certifying that the previous decals have been destroyed and shall assume full responsibility for their unauthorized use if found in service. If the applicant cannot show proof that the decals are unobtainable, the issuance of decals shall be at the established fee for original registration.

(G) Unauthorized use of permit. Parking permits are not transferable to other individuals. Persons having registered vehicles and displaying a permit, may not allow their registered vehicle to be parked on campus by any person other than the registrant. The appropriate assessment shall be made for each violation. This shall not apply in lots not under the control of the parking operator or in pay facilities if the full parking fee is paid.

A violator of this paragraph shall for a first offense, receive a citation and be assessed the appropriate fee. A second violation will result in an assessment and may result in the loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

(H) Defacing, reproduction of and use of revoked permits. No person shall deface, reproduce or use a parking permit, decal or sticker contrary to these regulations and no person shall use a permit, decal or sticker after the same has been revoked.

(I) Parking of unregistered vehicles. No person who is required to register a motor vehicle and display a parking permit, but who has not so registered, shall park such motor vehicle on any street, roadway, property or grounds of the university unless parked in a pay facility or at a paid parking meter. Whoever violates this section shall be charged the appropriate fee .

(J) Reserved parking areas. Certain parking areas, as established in accordance with the concession agreement, may be reserved at all times or at special times. If rules or relating to reservation are promulgated, they shall be effective upon the placement of signs giving notice of such reservation and limitation on parking areas so selected.

(K) Parking authority among campuses.

The university has delegated the authority to administer, regulate and enforce traffic and parking on each of the university's regional campuses to the dean/director of their campuses.

(L) Visitor parking. All visitors to the campus shall park in pay parking areas designated by the parking operator or display a valid visitor parking permit.

Effective: 8/3/2012
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 111.15
Rule Amplifies: 3335.08
Prior Effective Dates: 3/13/78, 11/19/78, 3/4/79, 4/20/81, 8/2/82, 7/1/03