Lawriter - OAC - 3335-5-48.14 University research committee.

3335-5-48.14 University research committee.

(A) Membership.

The university research committee shall consist of sixteen voting and three non-voting members.

(1) Twelve faculty members drawn from no less than eight colleges. Faculty with joint appointments across colleges may be chosen to represent either college. The term of service is three years.

(a) Eight faculty members appointed by the executive committee of faculty council, at least three of whom are members of the senate and at least one of whom is a distinguished university professor or Ohio eminent scholar.

(b) Four faculty members appointed by the president.

(2) One research scientist, or comparable staff member engaged in research, appointed by the vice president for research. The term of service is three years.

(3) Three student appointed by the respective governing bodies to one-year terms.

(a) Two graduate students.

(b) One undergraduate student.

(4) Ex officio members, non-voting (or their designees).

(a) The vice-president for research.

(b) The dean of the graduate school.

(5) The senate fiscal committee chair, or her or his designee, nonvoting.

(B) Duties and responsibilities.

(1) Encourage and stimulate scholarly research and creative activity and foster a close relationship between education and scholarly research.

(2) Advise the vice president for research.

(3) Review, on a continuing basis, the policies and practices governing the conduct of research and scholarly activity.

(4) Coordinate with the governing bodies of the graduate school and with the office of undergraduate research.

(5) Make recommendations concerning the establishment, affiliation or abolition of centers or comparable organization that are primarily engaged in research.

(6) Collaborate in reviews of the budget of the office of research undertaken by the senate fiscal committee.

(C) Organization.

(1) The committee shall annually elect a chair from its regular faculty membership in the spring semester preceding the academic year of service for no more than three consecutive one-year terms.

(2) As a standing committee of the senate, this committee is also governed by the provisions of rules 3335-5-46 and 3335-5-48 of the Administrative Code.

Replaces: 3335-5-48.14

Effective: 7/1/2014
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3335
Rule Amplifies: 3335.08
Prior Effective Dates: 07/28/1991, 06/21/1993, 01/27/1995, 07/11/1996, 05/30/2002, 07/01/2005, 08/06/2007, 06/30/2012, 07/01/2014