Lawriter - OAC - 3335-5-48.15 Council on the physical environment.

3335-5-48.15 Council on the physical environment.

(A) Membership.

The council on the physical environment shall consist of sixteen members.

(1) Seven tenure-track faculty members.

(a) Five tenure-track faculty members selected by the faculty council.

(b) Two tenure-track faculty members appointed by the president.

(2) Four students.

(a) One graduate student.

(b) One professional student.

(c) Two undergraduate students, one representing on-campus students and one representing off-campus students.

(3) Two staff members appointed by the steering committee upon the recommendation of the staff advisory committee. The term of service is three years.

(4) Three administrators, non-voting.

(a) The vice president for business and finance.

(b) The senior vice president for business and finance or designee.

(c) The executive vice president and provost or designee.

(B) Duties and responsibilities.

(1) Take a broad and encompassing perspective on the physical environment of the university as it affects the academic enterprise and quality of life for the university community. Propose policies, review and recommend action regarding proposed major projects, and consult with university administration about matters within its domain.

(a) Teaching and learning environment: adequate classroom and teaching laboratory space; priorities for new construction to advance the academic enterprise; and priorities for renovation of academic facilities, especially classrooms and teaching laboratories.

(b) Movement around campus: policies and projects to ease movement around campus by all relevant means, including but not limited to pedestrian, bicycle, motorized traffic, and mass transportation; policies and proposals concerning parking, public safety including institutional security, fire safety, risk reduction, and personal safety.

(c) The campus and the university district environment: activities undertaken to facilitate campus master planning and to implement the plans adopted; initiatives undertaken to advance the objectives of improving conditions in the university district, and activities of affiliated entities to promote these initiatives.

(2) Recommend items for senate action, review matters within its purview, hear periodic reports from relevant university organizations and administrative offices, and report annually to the senate.

(C) Organization.

(1) The committee shall elect a chairperson from among its voting members. A chairperson shall serve a one-year term, and no more than one additional one-year term if reelected.

(2) As a standing council of the senate, this committee is also governed by the provisions of rules 3335-5-46 and 3335-5-48 of the Administrative Code.

Replaces: 3335-5- 48.15

Effective: 7/1/2014
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3335
Rule Amplifies: 3335.08
Prior Effective Dates: 03/13/1978, 08/08/1978, 01/28/1980, 11/29/1982, 06/16/1986, 03/25/1988, 06/21/1993, 05/09/1994, 01/27/1995, 05/26/1995, 09/01/1995, 07/11/1996, 10/18/1999, 07/01/2005, 07/01/2014