Chapter 3335-59 Examinations for Classifications

3335-59-01 Examination administration.

(A) The office of human resources or its designee administers examinations for classifications in the classified service as the university deems advisable.

(B) Applicants with disabilities who may require accommodations to take an examination are responsible for notifying the office of human resources prior to the date of examination. Reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities may be set prior to the examination as determined by the university.

(C) The university may cancel or postpone a scheduled examination at its discretion. Reasonable efforts shall be made to notify applicants of such cancellation or postponement.

(D) University employees may be released from work without loss of pay to compete in a university civil service examination. The university may limit the granting of such time off to two occasions in any one calendar year.

(E) An applicant may not repeat an examination within six months from the date of the original examination unless an alternate form of examination is given. The office of human resources may waive this rule at its discretion.

(F) To apply for military service examination credit, prior to participation in an examination an applicant shall supply documentation showing that the applicant was in active military service or reserves for the United States and obtained a discharge that was other than dishonorable or bad conduct. When an applicant passes an examination, a military service credit of twenty percent of the overall passing grade is granted.

Effective: 6/1/2011
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3335
Rule Amplifies: 3335.08
Prior Effective Dates: 10/19/2009

3335-59-02 Preemployment medical and psychological examinations.

(A) When a position requires a medical and/or psychological examination in relation to the essential functions of the position, it will be included in the vacancy notice-Such exams occur after the conditional offer of employment and before employment has started. The offer of employment is contingent upon passing the examination.

(B) Applicants may be required to furnish medical information from a licensed practitioner who has sufficient medical knowledge as to the applicant's condition as it relates to the essential functions of the position. Such information may not be required until after the conditional offer of employment. The university reserves the right to designate the examining licensed practitioner. The university shall pay for required examinations.

(C) Medical and psychological reports shall be maintained as confidential records to the extent allowable pursuant to section 149.43 of the Revised Code and Chapter 1347. of the Revised Code.

Replaces: 3335-59-02

Effective: 6/2/2011
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3335
Rule Amplifies: 3335.08
Prior Effective Dates: 10/16/2009, 06/01/2011