Lawriter - OAC - 3335-7-02 Titles.

3335-7-02 Titles.

If individual colleges, schools, and departments with clinical faculty wish to provide clinical faculty with faculty-rank titles, then whatever title is used must be distinct from tenure-track titles (see paragraph (A) of rule 3335-5-19 of the Administrative Code). Examples include, but are not limited to, professor of clinical (name of college, school, or department), associate professor of professional practice, and assistant professor of practice.

Replaces: 3335-7-02

Effective: 7/12/2013
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3335
Rule Amplifies: 3335.08
Prior Effective Dates: 08/19/2002, 07/26/2004, 06/25/2007, 07/12/2013