3337 Ohio University Policy Manual

Chapter 3337-1 Policies In General

Chapter 3337-2 Policies for Admission, General Academic, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Chapter 3337-3 Faculty Governance

Chapter 3337-4 Policies

Chapter 3337-5 Motor Vehicle, Traffic and Parking Regulations

Chapter 3337-9 Identification Card Issuance

Chapter 3337-12 Polciy on Awarding Graduate and Undergraduate Posthumous Degrees

Chapter 3337-15 University-Sponsored Educational Materials

Chapter 3337-19 Policy for Equipment Inventory Control

Chapter 3337-23 Policy on Hazing and Chalking

Chapter 3337-24 Campus Recreation Facilities

Chapter 3337-25 Requirements for Housing Residency

Chapter 3337-40 Policies on Discrimination and Benefits

Chapter 3337-41 Compensation

Chapter 3337-42 Policies Mail Service, Decorations and Solicitation

Chapter 3337-44 Policies Critical Incidents, Hazardous Materails, Smoke Free Campus and Alarms

Chapter 3337-45 Policy on Graduate Studies

Chapter 3337-47 Policies on University Vehicles, Food Service and Air Transportation

Chapter 3337-50 Policy on Cashand Pooled Investments

Chapter 3337-51 Policy on Deposits

Chapter 3337-52 Policy on Capital Improvement Plan for Athens and Regional Campuses

Chapter 3337-55 Policy on Use of University Resources, Printing Procurement and Disposition of Surplus Property

Chapter 3337-91 Policies on University Credentials

Chapter 3337-93 Policy on Data Classification and Record Management