3339 Miami University

Chapter 3339-1 Administrative Officers of the Board of Trustees

Chapter 3339-2 University Sentate

Chapter 3339-3 In General

Chapter 3339-4 Leave of Absence for Unclassified Administrative Staff

Chapter 3339-5 Responsibility of Academic Instruction

Chapter 3339-6 Academic Affairs Unit

Chapter 3339-7 Tenured and Nontentured Staff

Chapter 3339-8 Procedures for Displinary Action on Instructional Staff

Chapter 3339-9 Rehiring After Retirement

Chapter 3339-10 Policy on Attendance of Students

Chapter 3339-11 Approvals of Curriculum and Lifelong Learning

Chapter 3339-12 Evaluation and Reappointment

Chapter 3339-13 Unclassified Administrative Staff

Chapter 3339-14 University Librarian

Chapter 3339-15 Human Subjects for Research

Chapter 3339-16 University Property

Chapter 3339-17 Bulletins and Handbooks

Chapter 3339-18 Motor Vehicle Regulations

Chapter 3339-19 Information Technology

Chapter 3339-20 Civil Service Appointments