Lawriter - OAC - 3339-1-01 Members of the board of trustees, their powers, and national trustees.

3339-1-01 Members of the board of trustees, their powers, and national trustees.

(A) Number of members; appointments; vacancies

The board of trustees of Miami university shall, as provided by section 3339.01 of the Revised Code, consist of nine voting members and two students who shall be non-voting members, all of whom shall be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate. The term of office of the nine voting members shall be nine years as set forth in section 3339.01 of the Revised Code. The term of office of the non-voting student members shall be two years, with the seats being vacated on alternating years.

As specified in section 3339.01 of the Revised Code, a member shall continue in office subsequent to the expiration date of his/her term until a successor is appointed or until a period of sixty days has elapsed, whichever occurs first.

The nomination process of candidates for the non-voting student seats on the board of trustees, which shall be interpreted to include the necessity to fill a seat which becomes vacant prior to the expiration of the non-voting member's term, shall be in accordance with "article v, section 5, elections, nominations, and qualifications of the bylaws of the associated student government of Miami university."

The non-voting student members shall not be entitled to attend executive sessions of the board.

(B) Powers

The board of trustees shall have the powers which are conferred upon it by the laws of the state of Ohio. The board shall take all actions necessary for the successful and continuous operation of the university, and shall adopt, and from time to time amend, the regulations for the conduct of the board, and the government and conduct of the university.

The board shall formulate university policy. Under its general supervision it shall assign the execution of these policies to the president and his or her designates as provided in these regulations. No member or committee of the board shall have the authority to commit the board or university to any policy or action unless expressly given that power in writing by the board.

(C) National trustees.

To take advantage of the talents, resources, and experiences of Miami university alumni who do not live in the state of Ohio, the Miami university board of trustees establishes the position of national trustee.

National trustees will be non-compensated advisors to the board of trustees, and will have no voting privileges at board of trustees meetings. National trustees are not eligible to become officers of the board, but will otherwise participate in all board activities, including committee membership. National trustees will have voting privileges on committees and may serve as committee chairs.

National trustees will be selected and removed by the Miami board of trustees, Following appointment by the board, the secretary to the board of trustees will prepare a formal letter of appointment and will update the Ohio secretary of state roster of officers.

Travel expenses for national trustees will be reimbursed consistent with the policy for voting members of the board of trustees.

A maximum of six national trustee positions are authorized, each serving a three-year term. National trustees are eligible for appointment to two consecutive terms (six years).

National trustees will be chosen on the basis of the following attributes: Miami alumna/alumnus; successful in chosen field or business; state or national prominence; ability to be an advocate for higher education; and willingness and ability to offer counsel.

Replaces: 3339-1-01

Effective: 3/6/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3339.01
Rule Amplifies: 3339.01
Prior Effective Dates: 9/1/89, 9/30/99, 11/7/03, 3/21/05