Chapter 3339-14 University Librarian

3339-14-01 Rank.

All professional librarians are appointed with rank (principal librarian, associate librarian, or assistant librarian) which reflects the professional status and accomplishments of the individual. Librarians who, prior to July 1, 2003, were awarded the positional ranks of professor, associate professor, or assistant professor continue to hold membership in the faculty assembly.

The ranks of principal librarian, associate librarian, and assistant librarian are eligible for continuing contract status. Librarians with the term "visiting" in their title are not eligible for continuing contract status.

Replaces: 3339-14-01

Effective: 3/21/2005
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3339.01
Rule Amplifies: 3339.01
Prior Effective Dates: 9/30/1999, 10/31/2002, 3/21/2005

3339-14-02 Continuing contract of employment for university librarian.

(A) Definitions and purpose

Professional librarians normally receive twelve month appointments which are made annually during the probationary period. During the probationary period of employment each librarian receives performance ratings. After satisfactory completion of the probationary period, a professional librarian with the continuing contract eligible rank of assistant librarian or above becomes eligible for a continuing contract.

A continuing contract is a contract which shall remain in effect until the librarian resigns, retires, or is terminated. It assures the individual continued employment as a professional librarian, but does not relate to continuation in a specific position. A continuing contract is subject to Ohio law and is contingent upon sufficient appropriations of the general assembly of Ohio.

Visiting librarians may not hold continuing contracts, although time spent as a visitor may apply toward the probationary period for continuing contract if the person is subsequently appointed to a continuing contract eligible position. A visiting librarian may be continued on annual contract for as many years as both parties agree.

(B) Procedures for considering individuals for and the granting of continuing contract

The privilege of continuing contract is conferred by the board of trustees upon the recommendation of the president. The approval process begins with the library personnel committee and progresses through the dean and university librarian and the provost. For a note concerning the constitution of this committee, see "Employment of members of the same family."

Using established and published procedures which provide equity and due process, the personnel committee, an advisory body to the dean elected by the librarians, collects information on the candidates for continuing contract, deliberates and submits its recommendations to the dean. Candidates for a continuing contract must have the positive recommendation of either the department head or library personnel committee to qualify for consideration by the dean.

Candidates must have the positive recommendation of the dean to be advanced to the provost.

The provost considers each candidate recommended by the dean. Those recommended by the provost are forward to the president; those candidates recommended by the president are forwarded to the board of trustees. The dean will notify the candidates and the library personnel committee of the action taken by the provost, the president, and the board of trustees.

For additional information, please see the university libraries governance document.

Replaces: 3339-14-02

Effective: 3/21/2005
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3339.01
Rule Amplifies: 3339.01
Prior Effective Dates: 11/4/77,12/1/1982, 9/30/1999, 3/21/2005