Lawriter - OAC - 3339-3-11 Ethics and external services.

3339-3-11 Ethics and external services.

All fulltime faculty and unclassified administrative staff members are expected to devote his or her full attention and talents during the appointment period to the university. External services may in no way interfere with the performance of a person's university duties.

However, it is recognized that fulltime faculty and unclassified administrative staff members are sometimes asked by outside agencies and industries to provide consulting and other professional services. Normally such activity is encouraged when it:

(A) Contributes to the professional development of the individual;

(B) Contributes an expertise not commonly available to the solution of a societal problem; or

(C) has carryover value resulting in the improvement of instructional or research programs of the university.

Conflict of interest. All faculty and staff members are subject to Ohio's ethics laws. All faculty and staff members are subject to section 2921.42, of the Revised code having an unlawful interest in a public contract, and section 2921.43, of the Revised Code soliciting or receiving improper compensation All staff are subject to Chapter 102, division (C) of ethics, and faculty are subject to. division (C) of section 102.04 of the Revised Code. A summary of Ohio's ethics laws can be found in the ethics materials provided to new employees and the pamphlet, ethics is everybody's business, published by the Ohio ethics commission (http://www.eth Violations of Ohio's ethics laws carry criminal penalties. The general counsel serves as the university's chief ethics officer, and matters regarding potential or actual conflicts of interest should be directed to the general counsel.

Conflict of commitment. With the acceptance of an appointment at Miami university, an individual makes a commitment to the university. Every fulltime faculty and unclassified administrative staff member is expected to accord the university his or her primary professional commitment. Part-time faculty and unclassified administrative staff members are expected to devote their full time and attention during the designated work time. All employees are expected to arrange outside obligations, financial interests, and activities so as not to conflict or interfere with this overriding commitment to the university.

At the same time, no one benefits from undue interference with the legitimate external activities of faculty and staff who fulfill all of their duties; i.e., teaching at the university, conducting scholarly research under its sponsorship, meeting the other obligations to students and colleagues that faculty must share, and performing administrative duties. Indeed, the involvement of faculty or staff members in outside professional activities, both public and private, often serves not only the participants but the university as well.

All fulltime faculty and unclassified administrative staff members are required to complete the annual ethics and external service disclosure form even if no external services (including compensated and non-compensated activities) are anticipated. External service opportunities which arise after the annual disclosure form has been submitted require the employee to obtain advance approval using the request for approval to perform outside service form before undertaking such activity. university buildings, grounds, equipment and supplies, and personnel are provided and may be used only for official university work. Such facilities and personnel may not be used in any external services (including external employment or consulting activity).

For fulltime faculty and unclassified administrative staff members, external services (outside consulting, professional work, or work) shall not exceed an average of one day per working week in any semester or term. Time spent on such external services must be in addition to, rather than a part of, the normal full effort expected for university work.

No outside consultation or other professional activity may be undertaken where such activity is, or may be construed to be, competitive with any service of the university. Normally, teaching in a program other than that of Miami university will not be approved. Research activities that would ordinarily be done under university auspices may not be performed by private individual contract.

The fulltime faculty or unclassified administrative staff member shall take appropriate steps to ensure that any publicity or advertising relating to authorized external services is not detrimental to the good name and/or best interests of Miami university.

Replaces: 3339-3-11

Effective: 9/12/2013
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3339.01
Rule Amplifies: 3339.01
Prior Effective Dates: 8/1/1985, 9/30/1999, 9/30/2000, 9/30/2001, 9/12/2013