Lawriter - OAC - 3339-4-02 Vacation- unclassified administrative staff.

3339-4-02 Vacation- unclassified administrative staff.

(A) General

As a professional, each member of the instructional staff assumes a commitment to meet all scheduled classes and to discharge the other responsibilities of teaching, advising, research, service, and administration associated with membership in a university community. Administrative staff members have an obligation to ensure the progress of the educational program of the university. An individual who expects to be absent should obtain advance permission from the department chair or other supervisor and assist in making arrangements for proper coverage of duties. Whenever it is not possible to perform regular duties, this fact shall be reported to the chair or supervisor as soon as possible.

The purpose of the vacation benefit is to provide time away from work for rest, recreation, and renewal: the university, therefore, expects its unclassified administrative staff to use vacation time each year for such purposes. It is also recognized, however, that it may not always be possible for an individual to use his or her full complement of vacation days within a given contract year: for this reason, while accumulation of vacation time is discouraged, it is permitted within the limits set forth in this rule.

(B) Vacation

(1) Fulltime administrative staff with a twelve-month, eleven-month, or ten-month appointment earn vacation. Part-time administrative staff (less than forty hours per week) do not earn vacation.

In lieu of vacation, faculty are not required to work during the university break periods that fall within the term of their academic-year appointment (fall three day, thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks). Faculty who choose to work may not use these days at any other time nor are they entitled to accrue or cash out any unused days.

In lieu of vacation, coaches, trainers, and equipment managers are entitled to twenty-two noncontract days per fiscal year as approved by their supervisor. Coaches, trainers, and equipment managers are not entitled to accrue or carry over unused noncontract days beyond the term of their annual appointment, nor are they entitled to cash out any unused noncontract days.

(2) The following governs the accrual and use of vacation by twelve-month, eleven-month, or ten-month fulltime administrative staff.

(a) Fulltime administrative staff on a twelve-month, eleven-month, or ten-month contract earn vacation in equal monthly increments.

(i) Twelve-month, eleven-month, or ten-month.

(ii) Administrative staff employed eleven months fulltime earn a maximum of twenty days per fiscal year.

(iii) Administrative staff employed ten months fulltime earn a maximum of eighteen days per fiscal year.

Administrative staff governed by this policy, who begin work (as reflected by the payroll) before the sixteenth day of any month, will earn the full vacation accrual for that month. Administrative staff whose last day of work is before the sixteenth of any month will not earn vacation for that month. Vacation days do not accrue during a leave of absence without pay

(b) Vacation is used in increments of one-half day for absences of four hours and one full day for absences of more than four hours. Requests for vacation of more than two days duration should be made at least one month in advance. All vacation leave must be approved in advance by the staff member's supervisor.

(c) An administrative staff member may accrue a maximum vacation balance of fifty-two days. Employees will not accrue and will forfeit vacation in any month while the balance is at the maximum permitted. Employees will earn a partial accrual in any month where the full accrual would result in a balance greater than the maximum permitted.

(d) Use of accrued vacation days must be reported on a monthly basis, and the report must be approved by the supervisor. Questions should be directed to the appropriate personnel office.

(e) Vacation day use will not be charged against days not scheduled to work or university recognized holidays.

(f) The university closes for several days during winter break. In order for administrative staff to be paid for the days the university is closed, the use of vacation is required. Please note that certain university departments must remain open and some employees will be required to work those days.

(g) Upon retirement, termination, or death, the administrative staff member or his or her estate shall be compensated at the final rate of pay for unused vacation to a maximum of forty days. Days are rounded to the nearest half or whole day. Compensation shall be paid within ninety days of retirement, termination, or death.

(h) Vacation time may not be used to extend university benefits coverage.

Replaces: 3339-4-02

Effective: 9/13/2012
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3339.01
Rule Amplifies: 3339.01
Prior Effective Dates: 9/13/2012