Lawriter - OAC - 3341-2-05 Campus-wide food service polices for student organizations.

3341-2-05 Campus-wide food service polices for student organizations.

(A) Policy statement and purpose

The purpose is to articulate when and how student organizations deal with food including if they are preparing the food themselves, using BGSU dining or an outside caterer.

(B) Policy

(1) Any food served to the public on the BGSU campus must be managed according to BGSU's safe food handling policies.

(2) When university funds are being used to purchase food/beverages, BGSU dining must be used to provide this service. BGSU dining requires all food/beverage orders be requested no later than two weeks (ten working days) prior to the event date. BGSU dining has the right of first refusal if it is unable to provide the requested service. Other BGSU dining outlets can be used for more spontaneous food/beverage needs but the BGSU dining catering office housed in the Bowen Thompson student union must be the first office contacted. If the food/beverage request is made at least two weeks prior to the event date, it is the intent of BGSU dining to work with each registered student organization to determine, if possible, appropriate discounts.

(3) Registered student organizations may use funds they have raised, or non-appropriated, or non-university provided dollars to purchase food from an outside vendor by having OCA ( office of (Zampus Activities) indicate the availability of these self-raised finds; however, all student organization campus-wide food service policies must be followed. Note: No outside food or beverages that are donated or purchased for an event or meeting may be brought into the Bowen Thompson student union or Olscamp 101, as BGSU dining is the sole provider of food Service in these locations.

(4) The facility manager(s) may require signatures from additional areas, such as BGSU dining. Facility manager(s) are:

(a) Bowen Thompson student union, Olscamp Hall, Prout Chapel and event planning spaces: E^irector, Bowen-Thompson student union

(b) Athletic facilities: assistant athletic director

(c) Recreation and wellness facilities, including ice arena lounge: associate director, recreation and wellness

(d) Mileti alumni center: director, alumni affairs

(e) Residence halls: hall director

(f) Greek housing: office of campus activities

(g) For additional information and/or clarification, please contact associate dean of students. Please note any/all policies stated herein are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

(5) At the discretion of the office of campus activities and business operations, some events may require special insurance to be purchased. Information concerning a person becoming ill from food served at a student organization event should be immediately reported to the office of campus activities so that staff can inform appropriate university officials and the Wood county health department.

(C) Bake sale policy

The following policies are provided by environmental health and safety for the serving and/or selling of baked goods (non-perishable). Such items include, but are not limited to: cookies, brownies, pastries (no cream or custard filled), date bars and rice-crispy treats.

(1) Cover all food to be served/sold

(2) Label all packaged food items with a listing of the main ingredients

(3) Store food, cups, napkins, etc. off the floor or ground

(4) Use clean dispensing utensils (tongs, napkin) to dispense food or have all food

items individually wrapped

(5) Avoid the use of extension cords

(6) Provide a container for trash

(7) Clean all spills and remove debris as necessary

(8) Properly clean area after sale

(9) If food is to be prepared by individuals within the sponsoring group, it is recommended that a list be developed which identifies the individual who prepared a particular food item. Questions regarding this policy should be forwarded to: office of campus activities, 401 Bowen-Thompson student union, 419-372-2343.

(D) Bowen-Thompson student union policies are listed on the Bowen-Thompson student union web site.

(E) Cookout policies

Residential units (specifically Greek houses and the French house) are permitted to grill food outside, within reasonable proximity to that unit, for the consumption of those in that unit and their invited guests. Other cookouts. open to the public must follow policies established by the university to be approved by the facility manager in charge of that location.

(F) Donated food policies

Donated food must come from and be prepared by a food service vendor licensed through the Ohio department of health. Depending on amount, food should be delivered in incremental times and maintained at safe temperatures. Donated food is not permitted in the Bowen -Thompson student union or Olscamp 101.

(G) Standard food handling policies must be followed at all times. The liability factor of donated food may fall on the university student organization sponsoring the event.

(H) Examples of low-risk and high-risk donated food products include:

(1) Low-risk foods: bagels, baked goods, pies (no cream or custard), cakes, packaged snack foods, canned soda, bottled water, candy, popcorn, non-processed fruit and vegetables

(2) High-risk foods: pizza, subs, sandwiches, salads, any food that contains protein, milk, eggs (non-cooked), cream pies

(I) Outside catering policies

Policies for catered events on campus utilizing an off-campus source

(1) All catered events from an off-campus source being served on or brought onto campus (which includes meetings, workshops, events, etc.). regardless of location, must first be approved by the facility manager in charge of that location.

(2) If approved by the facility manager, review of this outside catering function must occur by environmental health and safety, or designee, and BGSU dining services

(J) Residence life food pohcies

It is essential that the distribution of food at events in residence hfe facilities is handled in a safe manner. Please see staff in the office of residence life (419-372-2011) for specific policy information.

November 1, 2013

Effective: 3/12/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3345
Rule Amplifies: 3345