3344 Cleveland State University

Chapter 3344-1 General Provisions

Chapter 3344-2 Discrimination Policies

Chapter 3344-3 University-Wide Guidelines for Naming Gift Opportunities

Chapter 3344-6 Technology Accessibility

Chapter 3344-8 Administrative data policy on Electronic Signatures

Chapter 3344-11 Appointment of Leadership

Chapter 3344-12 Personnel Policies

Chapter 3344-13 Bylaws

Chapter 3344-14 Graduate Studies Bylaws

Chapter 3344-16 Faculty Member Rank Achievement

Chapter 3344-17 Copyright Permission

Chapter 3344-18 Export Policies

Chapter 3344-19 Identify Theft Prevention

Chapter 3344-21 Policy on Academic Misconduct

Chapter 3344-28 General Policies on Reserach Misconduct

Chapter 3344-33 Resdiency Status

Chapter 3344-48 Policies on Drug Education and Screening Policies

Chapter 3344-60 Background Screening Policies

Chapter 3344-61 Appointment and Conditions of Employment

Chapter 3344-64 Investment Fund

Chapter 3344-65 Uniform Purchasing Policies

Chapter 3344-66 Execution of Documents

Chapter 3344-69 Travel Policies

Chapter 3344-70 [Rescinded] Family and Medical Leave Policies

Chapter 3344-76 Closed Circuit Television Security

Chapter 3344-77 Access Control

Chapter 3344-78 Disposal of Property Policies

Chapter 3344-79 Animals

Chapter 3344-80 International Travel Policy

Chapter 3344-81 Visisting Committees

Chapter 3344-83 Behavior Policies

Chapter 3344-86 Use of Preferred Name

Chapter 3344-90 Campus Visitors

Chapter 3344-92 Law Enforcement Policies on Campus

Chapter 3344-94 Policy on Minors on Campus