Lawriter - OAC - 3349-3-91 Faculty improvement program.

3349-3-91 Faculty improvement program.

(A) Purpose

In accordance with the Revised Code, the board of trustees of the university has established a program of professional leave so that members of the tenure-track faculty may periodically take advantage of opportunities for professional growth not available within this university.

(B) Scope

The plan for leave must demonstrate a benefit for the respective college and the university.

(C) Definitions

(1) Academic years of teaching service. Fiscal years during which a tenure-track faculty member was employed and provided full-time service to the university. Six full calendar years of service equal seven academic years of teaching service.

(2) Full-time faculty members. For purposes of this rule, are full-time tenure track faculty, paid directly by the respective college.

(D) Body of the rule

(1) Eligibility for professional leave

(a) A full-time member of the faculty with at least seven academic years of teaching service at the university may be granted professional leave to enhance professional growth for a period not to exceed one academic year to engage in further education, research or other activity approved by the board of trustees. Such leave must be recommended by the president and approved by the board of trustees.

(b) If the faculty member demonstrates that a project is better served by dividing the leave over two academic years, a split leave may be permitted at the discretion of the president and the board of trustees, provided that such an understanding is reached before the initial leave is approved.

(c) Professional leave shall not be granted for the sole purpose of acquiring an advanced degree.

(d) A faculty member who has been granted a professional leave must complete another seven years of service at the university before becoming eligible for another grant of professional leave.

(e) Approved extramural activities in connection with specific research, scholarly or creative efforts shall not reduce eligibility for a professional leave.

(2) Compensation and other benefits

(a) The university will pay the faculty member during a period of professional leave a salary not to exceed the amount that would have been paid for the performance for regular service during the period of the leave. A faculty member may receive full salary for a period not to exceed six months. If the period of professional leave extends beyond six months, the six months' salary will be prorated over the entire period of leave (e.g., full salary for six months; half salary for twelve months; two thirds salary for nine months).

(b) During the period of professional leave, the faculty member will continue to participate in the faculty benefits program and will accumulate service credit toward retirement as provided in the Ohio Revised Code.

(c) No professional leave will be granted that requires a permanent compensating addition to the faculty or staff of the university.

(3) Procedure for application and selection

(a) Application for professional leave shall be made through the department chair and the dean of the respective college. It shall include a specific plan which shall be submitted at least six months preceding the commencement of the professional leave. Each proposal shall be forwarded through the dean to the president and will be accompanied by a plan describing how the faculty member's teaching responsibilities will be assumed. The president will transmit the proposals he/she approves to the board of trustees for final action. At any level of this review process a faculty review committee may be appointed to assist in reaching a decision.

(b) If the faculty member's proposal is not approved, specific reasons for disapproval will be given in writing to the applicant.

(4) Accountability

(a) Faculty members who have been granted professional leave will be required to render at least one year of academic service at the university upon return from leave. Faculty members who do not render the required service upon return from leave may, at the dean's discretion, be required to reimburse the university for salary received while on leave.

(b) Within six months after returning from leave, the faculty member shall submit to the president, the dean of the respective college, and the department chair a report describing the accomplishments resulting from the professional leave.

(5) Board authorization

The board of trustees authorized the administration to establish and implement the provisions related to the faculty improvement program as necessary to carry out this rule without further ratification or action required by the board of trustees.

Effective: 2/14/2019
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 111.15
Rule Amplifies: 3350.12