Chapter 3354:2-21 Faculty Description and Terms and Conditions of Employment

3354:2-21-01 Definitions.

"Faculty" : A faculty assignment involves the primary responsibility for the direct provision of instruction to students (e.g., teaching faculty) ro the direct provision of academic support services to students (e.g.,) non-teaching faculty). Non-teaching faculty assignments are differentiated from other categories of employees by the requirement of (a) knowledge of an advanced type in a discipline associated with counseling, research, library services, or health acquired through a prolonged course of study in an institution of higher education resulting in an advanced academic degree, and (b) general recognition within the field of higher education as an assignment which is tributed non-teaching professional status. Compensation and other terms and conditions of employment applicable to faculty are governed by the "Agreement Between the Lakeland Faculty Association and Lakeland Community College".

Replaces: 3354:2-21-01

Effective: 5/3/2004
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3354
Rule Amplifies: 3354
Prior Effective Dates: 10/7/1982

3354:2-21-05 Collective bargaining.

Wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment relative to faculty shall be governed by the negotiated agreement between the college and a recognized faculty collective bargaining agent when such an agreement exists in force. A current negotiated agreement shall be incorporated herein by this reference (see appendix to this rule) and shall supersede related provisions contained in this manual.

Replaces: 3354:2-21-05

Effective: 5/3/2004
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3354
Rule Amplifies: 3354
Prior Effective Dates: 10/7/1982

3354:2-21-15 Full-time teaching faculty position description.

(A) The full-time teaching faculty perform specific duties under the supervision of a division dean. The duties relate to instruction, course and curriculum development, professional growth, and service to the college, the profession and the community.

(B) This job description includes all of those responsibilities currently being carried out by full-time teaching faculty. It is not expected that all faculty will carry out all of these responsibilities in a given year. Each year, in conjunction with the division dean, faculty will be expected to establish goals and objectives which will serve as the basis for evaluation. Some of the responsibilities included in the job description refer only to special disciplines or special faculty activities. When this is the case, the term "when appropriate" is appended.

(1) Instruction

(a) Teaching assigned courses in areas of competency in a manner consistent with institutional and course goals and objectives. In general, instruction performance includes:

(i) Setting attainable instructional goals and objectives which are compatible with the approved rational for each course taught.

(ii) Selecting texts, supplemental documents, or other learning resources.

(iii) Planning field trips, experiments, practice sessions, or other support activities which directly relate to course goals and objectives "when appropriate."

(iv) Evaluating students to

(a) determine progress toward course goals and objectives,

(b) assign final grades,

(c) determine correct course placement, and

(d) "when appropriate" evaluate experience and knowledge for the purpose of granting credit.

(v) Providing subject area academic assistance to students seeking such assistance who are not making satisfactory progress, and to those with special interests in the subject.

(vi) Using reasonable precaution to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for students.

(b) Maintain a minimum often posted office hours on campus per week calculated to be convenient for students (including, where applicable, appropriate consideration of evening students), and be available during these hours for student advising and conferences. The faculty member will be responsible for posting office hours on the faculty office door and for filing them with the division dean. On campus includes all assigned work sites.

(c) Maintain accurate records of student grades and communicate them on a timely basis to the appropriate institutional office. (In some special circumstances, federal, state, or local laws or agency requirements may necessitate maintaining attendance and/or other records.)

(d) Attend general college, general faculty, division, department, and advisory committee meetings.

(2) Course and/ curriculum development

(a) Recommend to division deans the revision, deletion, or addition of courses or curricula.

(b) Evaluate and recommend catalog and support material revisions.

(c) Maintain updated course outlines according to prescribed college procedures and develop course syllabi to be distributed to students.

(3) Professional growth

(a) Remain current with the field(s) of assigned instruction and related occupational areas.

(b) Acquire, maintain, and apply knowledge of current instructional methodologies and materials.

(c) Participate in an annual faculty evaluation process in compliance with the procedures applicable to the faculty member's discipline.

(d) Attend scheduled divisional and professional development in-service activities.

(4) Professional services related to college activities "When Appropriate"

(a) Supervise students engaged in approved on and off-campus activities.

(b) Serve as adviser to student organizations.

(c) Coordinate the activities of student employees and/or staff

(d) Assist in articulation with local high schools, with colleges and universities to which Lakeland students transfer, and with companies and organizations that employ Lakeland students and graduates.

(e) Develop and offer noncredit continuing education and community service courses.

(f) Participate in community activities when they benefit the college.

(g) Participate in college awards program.

(5) Service to the college, profession, and community

(a) Assist in the recruitment, selection, orientation, and evaluation of college personnel.

(b) Participate in accreditation processes within the college.

(c) Support and participate in committees, organizations, and activities.

(d) Participate in the registration process as needed.

(e) Assist in facility design and re-design when requested.

(f) Prepare and submit requests for requisitions for equipment and supplies as needed.

(g) Help use reasonable precautions to provide for the proper use, care, and security of supplies, equipment, and facilities.

(h) Assist in the preparation of semester schedules, faculty assignments, facility assignments, and budgets as requested.

(i) Attend seminars, workshops, and meetings of related professional organizations as time and budget permit.

(j) Be responsive to requests from business, civic groups, and other community organizations for assistance appropriate for the community college.

Replaces: 3354:2-21-15

Effective: 5/3/2004
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3354
Rule Amplifies: 3354
Prior Effective Dates: 12/7/2000