Chapter 3354:2-36 Allowable Costs and Acceptable Use

3354:2-36-01 Allowable costs associated with travel, meeting and other amenities.

It is necessary, on occasion, for travel, meeting costs, and other amenities to be incurred by college employees and members of the board in the ordinary course of business where such expenditure serves a proper public purpose. This policy does not intend to address every issue, exception, or contingency that may arise in the course of incurring these costs. Such costs shall either be paid for by the college or reimbursed to the employee as identified in the sections to follow. Employees will be held responsible for unauthorized costs and additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience.

(A) Travel expenses

(1) Employees must obtain approval in advance of all college-related travel resulting in expenses.

(2) All travel will be considered as originating from the campus of the college, or the home, if departure is from the home, whichever is nearer the destination.

(3) Expenses for commercial travel (air, rail, bus) must be at the lowest available fare or rate.

(4) College-owned vehicles may be used only for official travel. Individuals may be reimbursed for the use of a personal vehicle at the rate per mile set by the Board only if a college provided vehicle is not available. Mileage may not exceed the aggregate of the lowest available commercial travel fares for all individuals engaged in college related travel in the same vehicle.

(5) Expenses may include the actual and reasonable cost of meals and lodging incurred in the course of college related travel. It is prohibited to reimburse the cost of alcoholic beverages with public funds.

(6) No reimbursement for lodging expenses may be claimed for travel

(a) within Lake county;

(b) within the county of residence; or

(c) within thirty miles of the residence. No reimbursement may be claimed for meals, lodging, or miscellaneous expenses incurred during a vacation leave, or any kind of leave of absence.

(7) No employee or member of the Board is permitted to use credits or discounts, received as a result of college-provided travel, for personal use.

(8) College related travel costs may also include:

(a) Expenses incurred for stenographic fees, storage or carrying of baggage, telephone calls on official college business, personal calls up to five dollars per day, and rental of equipment or temporary meeting or office facilities necessary for the conduct of official college business.

(b) Expenses incurred for laundry, dry cleaning, and pressing while the individual is on continuous approved travel status in excess of five days without returning home during that time.

(c) Expenses incurred for special purchases essential for the fulfillment of the travel or work assignment upon approval of the president, the president's designated representative or the Board Chair.

(B) Meeting expenses -- outside of the college

(1) Employees must obtain approval in advance of all college related expenses incurred for registration fees and related expenses for conferences or meetings. Such expenses may include the actual and reasonable cost of a meal not covered under travel rules when the meal is an integral part of the conference or meeting, or attendance at the meal is necessary to the best interest of the college.

(2) Approved registration fees may be either prepaid by the college or paid by the employee and reimbursed upon return. Claims for reimbursement of registration fees must be accompanied by a receipt.

(C) Meeting expenses -- within the college

In order to promote efficiency of meetings, collegiality, and the general welfare of the college, the actual and reasonable cost of meals and refreshment for members of the board and college officers, employees, and guests of the college while conducting college business is permitted. It is prohibited to purchase alcoholic beverages with public funds.

(D) Other amenities

Consistent with past practices and tradition, other amenities (i.e., flowers, token retirement gifts, meritorious service awards) are permitted.

Replaces: 3354:2-36-01

Effective: 9/24/2006
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3354
Rule Amplifies: 3354
Prior Effective Dates: 1/11/1996, 5/3/2004

3354:2-36-02 Acceptable use of college credit cards and cell phones.

This policy provides a guide to acceptable use of College credit cards and cellular phones. Consistent with past practices and procedures, these resources are provided for use in the support of administrative and operational activities of the College.

(A) General requirements

(1) The college shall continue to limit the number of credit cards and cell phones.

(2) The issuance of a college credit card or cell phone must be approved by both the president and treasurer.

(B) College credit cards

College credit cards are strictly for business use. An employee issued a college credit card must maintain documentation satisfactory to the controller's office indicating that each expenditure serves a legitimate college purpose. Moreover, the college reserves the right to audit/review all documentation related to any transaction under that credit card. Related procedures are the responsibility of the treasurer, with approval received from both the college's president and general counsel.

(C) College cell phones

(1) In issuing college cell phones, guiding principles for use and approval apply to:

(a) College executives/officers since those individuals are on call and their workload is recognized as consistently exceeding those associated with normal business hours;

(b) Campus police for safety purposes - primarily installed in police and pool vehicles, these are for alternative/emergency communications, as well as phones dedicated to the police chief and lieutenant;

(c) Other individuals where that person is required to constantly be on call.

(2) Given on-call responsibilities, and/or hours committed beyond normal business hours, it is expected that personal cell use is unavoidable. Accordingly, each individual assigned a college cell phone is responsible to reimburse the college twenty-five per cent of the total charges incurred for that particular cell phone. Related procedures are the responsibility of the Treasurer, with approval received from both the college's president and general counsel.

Replaces: 3354:2-36-02

Effective: 9/24/2006
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3354
Rule Amplifies: 3354
Prior Effective Dates: 9/24/2006