Lawriter - OAC - 3354:1-43-05.1 Personnel information records procedure.

3354:1-43-05.1 Personnel information records procedure.

(A) Responsibility

(1) The office of human resources shall be the central depository for personnel files. A personnel file is an official college dossier containing information directly related to a college employee's employment. The vice president of human resources or the vice president's designee shall be the custodian of personnel records.

(2) Approved file contents

Personnel information files may include, without limitation:

(a) Employment applications

(b) Resumes

(c) Annual contracts

(d) Personnel operations information forms

(e) Proffers

(f) Professional credentials

(g) Performance evaluations and objectives

(h) Records of promotion, transfer, lay-off, recall, retirement,

(i) Resignations, and leaves of absence;

(j) Tax forms

(k) Signed letters of commendation, or other recognition of excellent performance

(l) Signed letters of complaint (and responses, if any)

(m) Notices of disciplinary action

(n) Authorization for employee elected deduction(s)

(o) Military duty orders

(3) The office of human resources shall:

(a) Maintain personnel files with appropriate accuracy, relevance, currency, and completeness.

(b) Limit disclosure of personnel records as much as is practical, while complying with applicable law.

(c) Allow employees the right to review and challenge the information in their personnel files in accordance with this procedure.

(d) Not add to or delete from a personnel file without approval of the vice president of human resources.

(e) Take reasonable precautions to protect personnel files.

(B) Access to personnel files

(1) Access to personnel files may be granted at reasonable times during regular business hours, and only by the office of human resources.

(2) A personnel file may be reviewed by submitting a written request to the human resources information systems department. Within two work days of receipt of the written request, arrangements will be made for a mutually convenient time to review the file.

(3) Personnel files may be viewed only in the office of human resources in the presence of an Office of human resources representative.

(4) Access to a personnel file shall be granted immediately in emergency situations which could affect health or safety.

(C) Replicating file materials

There will be no charge for copying ten pages or less of material. A fee of twenty-five cents per page may be charged for copying additional pages. Only a human resources representative may copy personnel records (but no such representative shall copy the representative's own personnel record) and upon request will do so within a reasonable time period.

(D) Employee notification

The office of human resources will make reasonable efforts to promptly notify an individual whenever any contents of that individual's personnel file is requested, reviewed, or disclosed by or to anyone other than to a current employee or representative of the college acting within the course and scope of that person's employment or representation.

(E) The president or the president's designee shall take all steps necessary and appropriate for the effective implementation of this procedure.

Replaces: part of 3354:1-43-05

Effective: 12/15/2005
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3354.09
Rule Amplifies:
Prior Effective Dates: 12/15/05