3354:2 Lakeland Community College

Chapter 3354:2-1 Mission Statement

Chapter 3354:2-3 Board of Trustees

Chapter 3354:2-4 Administration

Chapter 3354:2-5 Full-Time Faculty

Chapter 3354:2-8 Emergency Cancellations and Closings

Chapter 3354:2-9 Ethical Conduct

Chapter 3354:2-10 College Gounds In General

Chapter 3354:2-11 Student Fees and Protection of Data

Chapter 3354:2-20 Employment and Benefits

Chapter 3354:2-21 Faculty Description and Terms and Conditions of Employment

Chapter 3354:2-26 College Contributions

Chapter 3354:2-28 College Maill Service

Chapter 3354:2-29 Lakeland Cable Network

Chapter 3354:2-31 Investment and Spending Policies

Chapter 3354:2-36 Allowable Costs and Acceptable Use

Chapter 3354:2-37 Policies on Works of Improvement

Chapter 3354:2-39 Policy on Solicitation and Sales

Chapter 3354:2-40 Compliance of Federal Regulations Policy

Chapter 3354:2-46 Policies on Instructional Calendar, Transfer of Credit and Appeals

Chapter 3354:2-47 Policies on Grades

Chapter 3354:2-48 Approval of New Programs

Chapter 3354:2-49 Attendance

Chapter 3354:2-50 Class Load

Chapter 3354:2-51 Policy on Graduation Requirements

Chapter 3354:2-53 College-Ready Standards

Chapter 3354:2-54 Adherence to Registration Procedures

Chapter 3354:2-56 Course Information

Chapter 3354:2-57 Guided Studies Program

Chapter 3354:2-58 Policy on Faculty Class Load

Chapter 3354:2-59 Disability Services and Library Collection Development

Chapter 3354:2-61 Conduct Code

Chapter 3354:2-62 Residency Requirements, Financial Aid for Admissions

Chapter 3354:2-63 Policy on Student Records

Chapter 3354:2-66 Tuition Payment Plan

Chapter 3354:2-70 Campus Activities Board