Lawriter - OAC - 3356-8-02 Student media.

3356-8-02 Student media.

(A) Policy statement. Youngstown state university recognizes and supports the establishment and operation of student media organizations as important media for communication to the university and as training laboratories for students. The official student media organizations are "The Jambar," a student-operated newspaper,, a student operated news and information website, "The Penguin Review," a student literary magazine, and "Rookery Radio," a student-operated internet radio station.

(B) Parameter. Individuals involved with student media and the student press are expected to follow all professional media legal and ethical standards and guidelines that address matters such as libel, indecency, personal attacks and harassment, slander, undocumented allegations, and other forms of irresponsible media presentation.

(C) Procedures.

(1) The student media committee oversees official student media and is responsible for reviewing complaints, offering recommendations, participating in the selection of staff for each upcoming academic year, and ensuring execution of publication responsibilities.

(2) A representative from the student experience division will serve as a liaison to the committee and appoint its members based on the guidelines outlined in the "Student Media Committee Governance Document."

(3) Each official student media organization has a faculty and/or staff advisor. The advisor is responsible for helping students understand the nature, function, and ethics of student media, for providing instruction that will result in quality media publications, and for serving as a liaison to the student media committee.

(4) Concerns regarding a particular article or presentation of an official student media organization may be directed to the current editor/director or advisor of the respective organization. Other questions may be directed to the student media committee chairperson or the assigned representative of student experience.

(5) Guidelines and information related to responsible journalism and student publications may be found in "The Student Media Committee Governing Document," available through the student media office.

Effective: 8/5/2016
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3356
Rule Amplifies: 3356
Prior Effective Dates: Prior to 11/4/77, 10/15/98, 6/16/03, 5/28/11