Lawriter - OAC - 3356-8-05 Support and assistance to veterans and service members.

3356-8-05 Support and assistance to veterans and service members.

(A) Policy statement. Youngstown state university is committed to providing a veteran friendly campus designed to attract, assist, and maintain veteran and service member students in a supportive and academically productive environment and to meaningfully recognize the contributions of our military men and women.

(B) Purpose. To provide guidelines and requirements for the support and assistance offered to veteran and service member students in order to promote their achievement and success.

(C) Scope. This policy applies to all university divisions, colleges, departments and units and to all prospective and current veteran and service member students.

(D) Definitions.

(1) "Service member." A person who is serving in the armed forces of the United States.

(2) "Veteran." Any person who has completed service in the armed forces, including the national guard of any state or a reserve component of the armed forces, and who has been discharged under honorable conditions from the armed forces or who has been transferred to the reserve with evidence of satisfactory service.

(E) Procedure. The university shall:

(1) Maintain an office of veterans affairs to serve as the central resource of information, support, and referrals for military and veteran students for enrollment, GI Bill educational benefits, and services offered by the department of veterans' affairs.

(2) Utilize the Ohio board of regents, and the legislative, workforce and higher education communities as resources and/or partners for the development and promotion of effective practices to assist service member and veteran students in their transition to and success at the university and in the workforce.

(3) Establish specific benefits for veteran and service member students including but not limited to priority registration, a separate or specific portion of student orientation, and recognition of service members and veterans at various university events such as graduation.

(4) Establish a clear outreach strategy through the office of veterans affairs to inform potential veteran and service member students about the opportunities offered by the university and the educational benefits available through the use of GI Bill and other available veteran and service member resources.

Effective: 3/31/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3356
Rule Amplifies: 3356