Chapter 3357:10-5 Grades

3357:10-5-61 Incomplete grades.

(A) A Marion technical college student must submit a written request to his or her instructor for an "incomplete" grade before the end of the term in which he or she is enrolled in the course, and prior to the time that grades are due to the office of student records. At the instructor's discretion, a student will be issued a grade of incomplete ("I") if:

(1) The student's course work is satisfactory ("C" or better), but for legitimate and acceptable reasons, a relatively small amount (twenty-five per cent or less) remains to be completed; and,

(2) The student's record justifies the expectation that a passing grade would have been earned if the student had completed all required course work.

(B) The student must complete all required coursework within the timeframe specified by the instructor. The extension may not exceed a six-week period following the beginning of the term subsequent to the one in which the "I" was recorded, (e.g., a student who receives an "I" in spring term has six weeks into the following summer term to complete required course work, etc.).

Under exceptional circumstances and with the instructor's approval, the student may petition in writing to the academic program dean or director for additional time to complete the required course work. The time granted normally does not exceed the end of the subsequent term in which the "I" was recorded.

(C) The academic program dean or director's decision is final in all matters concerning extensions to complete course work.

(D) If the student fails to complete required course work within the time allowed, his or her grade will be calculated based upon the total work completed for the course.

(E) Until the registrar records the student's final grade, the credit hours for the incomplete course shall not be counted or considered in the calculation of the student's grade point average or in the determination of satisfactory academic progress for financial aid.

(F) A student may register for a subsequent course that has as a prerequisite, or is a sequence of, the course for which an "I" has been recorded only if authorization is obtained from the academic program dean or director.

(G) Upon course completion, the instructor shall report the student's final course grade to the registrar at the earliest possible time within the time allowed the student to complete the required course work.

(H) If the instructor does not submit the final course grade within the time allowed, the registrar shall notify the academic program dean or director, who will arrange for the submission of the grade as expeditiously as possible.

(I) The registrar shall record the student's final course grade on his or her official transcript and notify the student.

Effective: 3/26/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3357.09
Rule Amplifies: 3357.09

3357:10-5-65 Repeating a course.

(A) A student may repeat a course he or she has taken at Marion technical college in an effort to improve his or her grade. Department approval may be required to register for certain technical courses.

(1) A course in which a student received a letter grade ("A," "B," "C," "D," or "F") must be repeated for a letter grade, as long as this option is available.

(2) A "failed" course may be repeated until the course is passed. A "passed" course may be repeated one time.

(B) The credit hours awarded for the prior course are disregarded when a course is repeated. Only the credit hours for the subsequent course are included in the cumulative grade point average computation, even though the grade earned in the repeated course may be lower.

(C) Only the credit hours and grade earned for the most recently completed course are applicable toward a degree.

(D) Financial aid restrictions may apply to repeated coursework. A student who intends to repeat a course and use financial aid should contact the financial aid office prior to registering for the course.

Effective: 3/26/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3357.09
Rule Amplifies: 3357.09

3357:10-5-67 Academic renewal.

Marion technical college is committed to remain an "open-door" institution for all who desire to learn. A consequence of such accessibility is that every student may not always be adequately prepared to learn.

Recognizing that life circumstances and personal or academic backgrounds sometime impede a learner from achieving and that positive change in individuals occurs, it is consistent with the college's philosophy to afford students an opportunity for academic renewal. This policy affirms the college ideal of providing a second chance for future educational success without regard to the mistakes of the past.

(A) General renewal option.

(1) A student returning to the college after an absence of three calendar years may petition to have substandard coursework disregarded by submitting an "Academic Renewal Petition" form. Substandard coursework" is defined as courses in which a student received a grade of "D" or "F."

(2) A student may request academic renewal only once while attending the college.

(3) A minimum of one term must have been completed at the college or at another college with a grade of "C" or higher in each course completed subsequent to the coursework to be disregarded.

An official transcript of successful coursework completed at other institutions (or acceptable evidence of other educational achievement) may be submitted in lieu of successful coursework at Marion technical college; however, the substandard coursework will not be disregarded until the student enrolls and successfully completes classes at Marion technical college.

(4) A maximum of twenty-one attempted credit hours of coursework may be disregarded.

(5) Disregarded credit hours shall not be used in the computation of the student's cumulative grade point average; however, these courses will still appear on the student's official transcript. The student's academic record shall be annotated in such a manner to ensure a true and complete academic history.

(6) A student may not submit an academic renewal petition if he or she has previously received a certificate or degree from Marion technical college or is a prospective graduate who is seeking academic renewal merely to graduate with honors.

(B) Interdepartmental transfer option.

(1) A student may submit an "Academic Renewal Petition" when transferring from one academic department to another under the following conditions:

(a) At least one calendar year must have elapsed since completion of the coursework to be disregarded.

(b) Only courses with a grade of "D" or "F" that are not in the new curriculum or courses that are no longer available and/or not applicable to the student's curriculum can be disregarded in the grade point average computation.

(c) All other academic renewal requirements apply.

(2) Academic renewal granted by Marion technical college does not guarantee that other institutions will approve such action when accepting Marion technical college credits. The respective institution to which credits are being transferred shall make such determination.

(3) The chief academic officer's decision regarding the granting of academic renewal is final.

(C) The president shall establish procedures to implement this rule.

Effective: 3/26/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3357.09
Rule Amplifies: 3357.09

3357:10-5-68 Appealing a grade.

A Marion technical college student may appeal his or her final course grade or a grade or score received on a particular class assignment, exam, or other evaluation within a course that he or she believes is inaccurate. A student who withdraws from a course cannot initiate or pursue a grade appeal in that course. The president shall establish procedures to implement this rule.

Effective: 3/26/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3357.09
Rule Amplifies: 3357.09