3359 University of Akron

Chapter 3359-1 Powers and Duties of Board Members, Officers and Committees

Chapter 3359-2 University Administrative Offices

Chapter 3359-3 University Finances

Chapter 3359-4 Public Affairs and Development

Chapter 3359-5 VPCIO Division

Chapter 3359-6 Capital Planning and Facilities Management

Chapter 3359-7 Offices of Vice President and General Counsel, Records Compliance and University Inernal Audit

Chapter 3359-8 Student Affairs

Chapter 3359-9 Classified and Unclassified Civil Service; Full-Time; Notice Procedure

Chapter 3359-10 Governance Structure and Bylaws; Rules of the University Council; Bylaws of Faculty Senate

Chapter 3359-11 Polilcies on Hiring Policies and Benefits

Chapter 3359-20 Mission, Goals and Faculty Policies

Chapter 3359-21 Early Retirement

Chapter 3359-22 Contract Professionals

Chapter 3359-23 Part-time Faculty

Chapter 3359-24 Bylaws and Grievance Procedures

Chapter 3359-25 Personnel

Chapter 3359-26 General Staff Information, Policy and Procedures

Chapter 3359-31 Travel and Related Expenses

Chapter 3359-38 Affirmative Action Policy and Program

Chapter 3359-40 Conduct

Chapter 3359-41 Code of Student Conduct

Chapter 3359-42 Rights and Responsibilities of Students; Assistance to Veterans and Service Members

Chapter 3359-43 Student Government

Chapter 3359-44 Assembly Procedures

Chapter 3359-45 Trespassing

Chapter 3359-46 Motor Vehicle, Traffic and Parking Regulations

Chapter 3359-47 Policies and Statements on Alcohol, Property and Diseases on University Property

Chapter 3359-48 Athletics and Academic Assistance

Chapter 3359-60 Academics In General

Chapter 3359-61 Indemnification