Lawriter - OAC - 3359-26-05 Separation from the university.

3359-26-05 Separation from the university.

(A) Service with the university of Akron may be interrupted and/or terminated as a result of:

(1) Resignation.

(2) Retirement.

(3) Discharge for cause.

(4) Layoff or a reduction in force for a period of more than twelve consecutive months.

(5) Failure to respond to a return to work request within ten days, following layoff or at the expiration of an authorized period of leave.

(6) Failure to report for work or failure to report off work for a three-day period.

(7) Being on extended disability leave for a period of three years or longer.

(8) Non-renewal.

(B) Resignation.

In the event of a resignation, an employee should provide written notice to the immediate supervisor and to human resources at least two weeks in advance of the last working day at the university for non-exempt (hourly) employees and at least four weeks in advance of the last working day at the university for exempt employees.

(C) "Clearance Form."

A "Clearance Form" must be completed by all full-time and part-time regular employees who are exiting the university and may also be required for interdepartmental transfers. Payroll will not issue the final compensation check without a completed "Clearance Form." Clearance forms can be obtained from the human resources web page.

(D) Establishing last day worked.

A terminating employee's "last day worked" shall be the actual day on which the employee last performed assigned duties. The last day worked cannot be extended by use of accrued vacation, compensatory time or sick leave unless such sick leave has been certified by a physician. In the case of a retirement only, with the approval of the supervisor, accrued vacation or compensatory time may be used to extend the last day worked.

(E) Retirement.

Assistance with retirement processing for all employees considering retirement from school employees retirement system "SERS," public employees retirement system "PERS(LE)," state teachers retirement system "STRS," or an approved alternative retirement system "ARP" is coordinated by benefits administration. Initial contact with that office should occur no less than three months prior to the anticipated effective date of retirement.

(1) Payment of sick leave at the time of retirement.

(a) At the time of retirement from the university of Akron, an employee with ten or more years of service with the state of Ohio shall be compensated in an amount not to exceed one-fourth the value of accrued but unused sick leave credit based upon the employee's rate of compensation at the time of retirement. The maximum payment shall be two hundred forty hours.

(b) The payment of sick leave under this policy cancels the balance of sick leave accrued by the employee at the time of retirement. Payment will be made only once to any employee.

(2) Retirement contribution refund.

(a) If an employee leaves the university prior to retirement and wishes a refund of SERS, STRS or PERS(LE) contributions, the employee should contact SERS, STRS or PERS(LE) directly for information and forms.

(b) Contact benefits administration to schedule an exit interview to obtain information concerning insurance, retirement, vacation, completion of the "Clearance Form," etc.

(F) Other separations.

For other circumstances which result in an employee leaving the university -medical disability, involuntary termination, etc., - specific policies and/or procedures apply. Among these are Ohio civil service laws, local collective bargaining agreements, bureau of worker's compensation regulations, and selected university policies.

(G) Unemployment.

Employees who are temporarily unemployed during break periods and have assurance of work when the break period ends are not covered under the Ohio unemployment compensation laws and are ineligible for unemployment compensation benefits.

(H) Payment of compensatory time and unused vacation accrual at the time of separation:

(1) A non-exempt (hourly) employee will receive payment for all accumulated compensatory time at the hourly rate of pay in effect at the time of separation.

(2) Payment for accrued and unused vacation leave shall be made only upon separation of service from the university of Akron. Such payment shall be made in a lump sum based on the rate of compensation in effect at the time of separation for any accrued but unused vacation leave, subject to the following maximums:

(a) Exempt employees, eligible for vacation accrual, shall be compensated for a maximum of one hundred seventy-six hours.

(b) Non-exempt (hourly) employees, eligible for vacation accrual, shall be compensated for a maximum of that earned in three years of service.

Replaces: 3359-26-05

Effective: 2/1/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3359
Rule Amplifies: 3359
Prior Effective Dates: 05/22/91, 11/24/01, 06/25/07, 05/09/14