Chapter 3359-44 Assembly Procedures

3359-44-01 The establishment of assembly procedures.

(A) Whereas the university of Akron recognizes and encourages the exercise of rights consistent with the Constitutions of the state of Ohio and of the United States of America. In this regard the university of Akron also recognizes that the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America imposes upon state universities three propositions:

(1) Expression cannot be prohibited because of disagreement of or dislike for its content; and

(2) Expression is subject to reasonable nondiscriminatory regulations of time, place, and manner; and

(3) Expression can be prohibited if it takes the form of action that materially and substantially interferes with the normal activities of the institution or invades the rights of others; and

(B) Whereas the university of Akron is mindful of its responsibility to assure the pursuit of educational programs and to accommodate the needs and rights of all members of the university community: Therefore be it

(C) Resolved, that to achieve this, certain assembly procedures are hereby (any mass meeting, parade, demonstration, assembly, rally or other form of expression consistent with the civil liberties expressed in the first amendment to the United States Constitution shall be termed an "assembly" when referring to same in this code) established to guarantee the fulfillment of the university's mission:

(1) The sponsoring group or person of any assembly shall register the same with the student organization resource center, student union. Registration must be made at least forty-eight hours prior to the event, except that the president of the university or the president's authorized designee may waive the forty-eight-hour requirement when unusual conditions exist.

(2) Assemblies deemed by the president of the university or the president's authorized designee to materially and substantially interfere with the normal and scheduled activities of the university are prohibited.

(3) Assemblies or activities by individuals or members of a group which invade the constitutionally-protected rights of others are prohibited. Persons in violation of this regulation are subject to disciplinary sanctions, including immediate suspension.

(4) Assemblies shall be restricted to an area appropriate for the activity as determined by the president of the university or the president's authorized designee.

(5) The sponsoring group or person of any assembly is responsible for all normal costs incurred by the university as well as any unusual costs to insure the peaceful accomplishment of the event.

(6) The sponsoring group or person of any assembly is responsible for making necessary arrangements with other offices and personnel as directed.

(7) Registration procedures, scheduling of facilities, location of set-up arrangements, etc., shall be administered by the identified university office(s). Sound equipment may be restricted in locations which are in close proximity to classrooms, laboratories, offices, or university residence halls.

(8) Persons present at any assembly or public display which violates university regulations or which might be considered unruly or unlawful will be deemed participants if they fail to remove themselves when ordered by an authorized university official. At a time when such assemblies might be considered unruly or unlawful, or become disruptive of any university process or violative of any university regulation, bystanders and participants will be ordered to leave and will be subject to disciplinary sanctions including immediate suspension and/or arrest if they do not. This regulation is intended to make it clear that spectators by their very presence contribute to the dimensions of the problems encountered in mass gatherings and that no student is immune from due process of law enforcement when in violation as an individual or as a member of a crowd.

(9) The use of university facilities for any purpose is subject to hour regulations as established by the university.

(10) Individuals participating in any assembly, are reminded that they are responsible to local, state, and federal laws as well as to university regulations.

Replaces: 3359-44-01

Effective: 1/31/2015
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3359
Rule Amplifies: 3359
Prior Effective Dates: 11/04/77, 12/31/86, 06/25/07