Lawriter - OAC - 3359-9-03 Full-time service.

3359-9-03 Full-time service.

Faculty and administrative appointments, unless specifically indicated otherwise in the contract of employment, should be regarded as full-time employment responsibilities to the university. All outside activities, whether for compensation or otherwise, must not be performed at the expense of the individual's primary responsibilities to the university. Moreover, such outside activities shall not be undertaken which violate Ohio's ethics laws governing public employees. For purposes of this provision, outside activities shall include activities not connected with employment for the university of Akron, including, but not limited to those activities which separately involve a source of income such as from private employment, other public employment, consulting, teaching, research, memberships on corporate boards, etc. The faculty member's contract shall not include any guarantee of the right to consult or to engage in outside activity. Approval of participation in outside activity is a privilege, not a right or benefit. The conflict of interest, conflict of commitment policy, rule 3359-11-17 of the Administrative Code applies to all university employees; in addition, article 24 of the collective bargaining agreement between the university of Akron and the American association of university professors, the university of Akron chapter, which became effective in 2005, applies to bargaining unit faculty.

(A) Such outside activities should only be undertaken with the full understanding and prior written approval of the dean in the case of faculty members, or the administrator in the case of contract professionals or other employees.

(B) The president of the university of Akron, its vice presidents and deans, shall obtain prior approval of the board of trustees with regard to outside activities as defined in this section. Any vice president and dean of the university shall first obtain prior written approval of the president with regard to such outside activities; and upon recommendation of the president, the board shall consider the request of such officer.

(C) The board of trustees shall consider requests to engage in outside activities in executive session, unless otherwise requested as provided in division (G)(1) of section 121.22 of the Revised Code.

(D) The president, vice presidents, deans and other officers as may be designated by the board of trustees from time to time, shall submit on forms required by the board of trustees an annual disclosure of any memberships on any corporate boards, partnerships or associations held by such officers. Such disclosures shall also identify any office or fiduciary relationship on a not-for-profit corporation or public board or agency.

(E) Violation of Ohio ethics laws governing public employees shall be deemed sufficient cause for discipline, up to and including termination from employment.

Effective: 4/11/2011
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3345.31
Rule Amplifies: 3359.01.
Prior Effective Dates: Prior to 9/21/95, 8/9/96, 10/14/01, 6/25/07