Chapter 3361:10-45 Safety

3361:10-45-01 Safety: Policy statement on safety and environmental health at the univeristy of Cincinnati.

(A) It is the policy of the university of Cincinnati to provide an environmentally safe work environment in support of the university of Cincinnati's mission of teaching, education, and research.

(B) Equipment and design standards which meet or exceed applicable federal, state, and local regulations shall be adopted by the university to promote and effect this policy.

(C) Members of the university community shall support this policy by adhering to practices which meet or exceed applicable federal, state, and local standards for health and safety. At a minimum, these practices will include effective management of physical, chemical, biological, and radiological hazards, and controlled emission to the air, water, and land.

(D) All members of the university community shall report potential hazards to responsible parties, and shall work with the university to specify methods which will eliminate or minimize such hazards.

(E) To avoid injury and damage to themselves, others, and the environment, members of the university community shall respectfully use facilities and equipment.

(F) Each individual is responsible for managing his or her activities in a manner which prevents harm to the university community and its surrounding environs.

(G) Supervisors (including faculty and staff) are responsible for minimizing the risks to which students and employees may be exposed, and for correcting inappropriate behaviors. Supervisors shall assume this responsibility by monitoring students' and employees' compliance with the use of personal protective equipment and safe work practices. Supervisors shall also provide special, job-specific instructions commensurate with the specific demands of the students' and employees' tasks.

(H) The president has the authority to promulgate rules which implement this policy.

Replaces: 3361:10-45-01

Effective: 10/28/1998
Promulgated Under: 111.15
Statutory Authority: 3361
Rule Amplifies: 3361
Prior Effective Dates: 10/12/1987